What This Forum Is About

WHAT IS THE FORUM?   The Forum is a website dedicated to exposing the Truth about Doyle Davidson and the Water of Life Cult.

If you have come to this website after an Internet search attempting to find more information about Doyle Davidson, you are about to have your eyes opened.  Through bitter experience, many of those who post here have found that Doyle Davidson is NOT the man he wishes you to believe he is.

Although he portrays himself as an Apostle (self-appointed) and Prophet of Jesus Christ, he is far from being the simple country preacher he claims to be.  If your only exposure to him has been on his telecast, you are about to see a portrait of him that he  does not want you to see.

Davidson has a long history of inflicting pain –emotional, financial and spiritual– on those who follow him.  Many of the people who post here have first-hand knowledge of how dangerous this man is.   The FORUM monitors his activities and ‘sermons’ daily.

Reading the Forum will give you the background information needed to understand what is REALLY going on in this CULT.

This Forum is non-denominational and does not advocate any particular faith or church.  Our sole focus is to EXPOSE DOYLE DAVIDSON so that people will see him for what he is and can avoid falling into the Pit that is Water Of Life Ministries.


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