(NEW 1-22-2015)! This Page Dedicated To Humor Only! Which Means Anything To Do With WOL & MOL…..

These are a series of pictures that our fellow Apostle Al has done for us here in the Forum on Doyle…. Enjoy!


1.) Well, you're just limiting your market here.

What’s for dinner? Lisa? Where are my noodles? Lisa, Lisa, Lisa….?


Doyle Travels with his cult all the way to  Missouri to dance? No sermon?

Where is the appointed Profit and where is thou holiness’ word from his gawd?


courtesy of Small White!


**We interviewed this young lady and she mentioned she did indeed was a WOL ex-member….said she was going to sue  Doyle cause he had preached that the “law was not made for the Righteous” ….her gripe was he forgot to say how it affects your looks.


Farmersville Here wee come!!

And You Think Yoo Peoples Are Going to Be Hot!!

And You Think Yoo Will Be Hot Dancing Around ?


Roger Saam and Son Gladly Pose In Front Of  The Famous Cult Shack In Plano, Texas


 Previously Unseen Photo Taken Recently Of  Doyle’s Horse “Hail To Genius” At The “River Country” Water Park  in Muskogee 

 courtesy: Meggers 
courtesy of: Meggers!
Courtesy of: Meg
Courtesy of: DrRevDm
Don’t Be A JEZEBEL!!!
Be The Good Waf Gawd Wants You To Be By Following These Simple Rules.  
(This Was Personally Endorsed By Doyle, WOL Apostle —-
“What Does It Say, Kathie D?”  “It Says You’re Going To Die From Holding Your Breathe, Doyle.”)
Courtesy of: DrRevDm 
Now On Sale At MOLCULT.COM     10% for Wollers.  His Visions Aren’t Good Enough To See That You’re Wearing Them.courtesy of: DrRevDm


The WOL Dancers Decided Dancing In The Spirit Brought In More Tithes….
click on the link to see how they have changed …… 


From Doyle’s photo archives: Before Doyle discovered Luby’s and Cheddars, his ancestors loved going to the original Waffle House.
courtesy: DrRevDm


The First Convert Arrives For Doyle Davidson To Baptize



courtesy: DrRevDm

—————————-Doyle Always Said That He Didn’t Care If Anyone Ever Showed Up For Church Cause He Would Just Preach To The Empty Pews……

Could This Be The One and Only Prophesy That Has Come True?

Courtesy of DrRevDm

——————-Doyle and Kathie Being Themselves……

———————————-WOL BOYS CALL IT QUITS SINGING!!!They Have Hidden Talents ThatMight Bring Bigger Dollars$$$$

———————————-WOL Missouri Needs Funds FAST!Can’t Buy Big Steaks Anymore………

——————————-Using His AUTHORITY, Raheem Herewith designates The GOAT as The New National Cymbal

COURTESY: DrRevDm—————————Doyle’s Ancestor Reacts To Replacement Of Eagle With GOAT As National Cymbal

courtesy: DrRevDm—————————-Unidentified MOL CULTERS Dancing For Vengeance On The Heathen And To Punish The Village People as Unidentified  Apostle Operates The  Jambox.

Courtesy: DrRevDm———————-MOL CULT Kitties Dancing for Vengeance

If the little kitties aren’t dancing for you…click on the picture.

courtesy: DrRevDm————————–The Law Is Not Made For A Righteous Goat

Courtesy: DrRevDm——————————–

COURTESY: DrRevDm——————————————-


Oh MY!!

Courtesy: Cheryl


New Birdsign At WOL

After This Sighting, The Apostle Has Chosen Colorful Jogging Attire For Spring.  Wollers Are Expected To Follow Suit.

Courtesy of: DrRevDm


Doyle Dollars Come Pre-Inflated With Hot Air


A Former WOL Of 20 + Years Made A Visit To Doyle’s Cult To Take Pictures And Discovered Doyle And Security Circling The Building To Examine All The Damage The Snow Did To His Church And Trees…..He Asked This Person Who They Were And Seemed Weak And Incoherent…..(as evident by his flashy red jacket and stylish sunglasses)

Dude…your not cool……


Why Doyle fears the Witches and Sorcerers in the Emergency Room

If Doyle Only Knew Who Our Original “Homeland Security” was…


Is Doyle Davidson Barking Up The Wrong Tree?

Courtesy of Meggers


Just Last Year He Was Quacking Like A Duck, Today A DOG?

courtesy of Al


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

There Were Still A Few People Who Showed Up With Paper Sacks Over Their Heads, But That Was Okay, We All Figured Out Who They Were After A Few Drinks Of Goat Sauce…..

If You Didn’t Come To This Year’s First MOL Cult Christmas Party, It’s Okay, We Will Be Having A Spring Party Soon…..

God Bless All….


The MOL (Money of Life) Cult “BOYS”,  Not To Be Outdone By Those (Water of Life) Kids In Plano, Perform At The First Baptist Bar and Grill of McKinney.



Not To Be Outdone By Doyle Davidson Visions Of Signs, MOL (MONEY OF LIFE) Cult Has Seen A Sign From A Different Bird…..



                                           Note The Perfect Part In The “Angel’s” Hair


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