Jack Small’s Confession

The following confession was posted on Jack Small’s personal website on January 29th, 2009. 

Doyle Davidson did not intend for his adulterous affair with Jack’s wife to be revealed to the public  until Kathie Small had gotten a divorce.  However, Jack her legal husband  posted this for the world to really know the truth. 

Since then, Doyle has  made a threat to Jack asking him “Do you really want to keep this on the web”…..that’s Doyle alright,always threatening….

I invite all the current WOL people to ask themselves….is Doyle Davidson  really a true man of GOD leading you, or are you being led straight to the pits of Hell by satan’s helper himself?  Read the following and there will be many more questions you will ask yourself I promise….after the announcement of this website, God delivered several people out of WOL, please visit our Forum for all the details….



On Saturday, January 17th, Kathie came to me that morning and said that she needed to speak to me.  She proceeded to tell me that she had never lied to me and that God had turned her heart from me to Doyle (Davidson).  She said that she would stay until June when the boys (John and Stephen) were out of school and that then she would be moving in with Doyle.  She said that she was to walk with Doyle. She also said that God was separating us. I asked her when that would be announced and she said that she had asked Doyle to hold off on announcing this and that it was for her and the children.  There was little else said that morning. I went to work that day and spent the entire day considering what she had said.  I thought of little else that day but it would be an understatement to say that I hurt deeply.  There was no conversation leading up to that morning and no indication that she had come to that point.  For the last month or so, her position in the church had been changing and I did not want to stop her from doing what God would have her do.  I trusted that God would do what He wanted and did not want to stand in God’s way.  Her contact with Doyle had increased immensely and he would call her several times in a day, well into the night.  Kathie had gotten to the point where she would stop talking when I would come into the room or leave to talk in private.  I knew that as her husband, there was no reason for her to conceal anything from me and again, trusted in God.  I also knew that for her to have to talk in private was not God.  Due to my work I have not been able to be at church as much as previously and could not at times go to lunch with the family and church members on Sundays. Her contact with Doyle increased and he talked often about her at church.

Later that day, we agreed that we would talk to the children together.  The following morning while I was at work, Kathie took the kid’s into Doyle’s office and told them.  What she said I still do not know for sure.  I called my sister on Sunday to tell her what Kathie had said and told her that I was going to humble myself and here what God would say to me.  I found out later that Kathie had also spoken to her.  Sunday, Kathie moved into Doyle’s home.  On Sunday evening, I went to church and sat where I usually sit.  Doyle made a point of coming over and shaking my hand.  I did that for my children.  Kathie had told me that I was welcome at church and at Doyle’s home.  Later I found out that Doyle was surprised that I had come back to church.  I thought it was odd for someone that welcomed me to be surprised that I was there. That day, Kathie told me that she had told God and Doyle that I did not deserve what was happening to me.

On Monday, I told Kathie that I would be able to bring the boys to school.  Later that day I was told that they also would be moving into Doyle’s home.  My first reaction was “we’ll see”.  I set my heart to not come against God and now looking back, it was as though I couldn’t move.  Within a couple days, Kathie called me and said that she “needed to ask me for a divorce”.  She said that after the divorce, her and Doyle would be married and then it would be announced.  I asked her what was different.  What I meant was why was a wedding or divorce not an issue with Lisa yet now was.  That week, one of the things Kathie said to me was that Doyle had “stepped back” and that this was between Kathie and I. When I look back at all the phone calls and the offer of a house, car and $1,000.00 a week I can see why he stepped back.  He had made his offer. 

On Tuesday I stayed home from work and began trying to decide what was going to happen with the house and our possessions.  Kathie had taken what she wanted and had said that she didn’t want the house.  She said that the van that she drives was mine and that Doyle had given her the Cadillac.  She didn’t need the van anymore and would return it at some point.  The boys were brought to the house to get their things.  They didn’t need the beds because Doyle was buying them new things.  He had already began moving in the furniture, three days after Kathie first spoke to me. At one point while I was sitting in the room, Kathie asked Stephen to come over to the computer and whispered something to him.  I later asked her if she was showing him his new furniture and she said yes.  I told her she didn’t need to hide. She had no response.  She had said that she would not separate me from the boys but now, over furniture that was happening.  I could see that John and Stephen were excited about having their own room and the new furniture and it was apparent that they had been enticed by things.  I have been teaching John to drive and getting a truck ready for him and now John is being promised a truck from Doyle and Kathie if I don’t.   Kathie knew I intended to follow through with the truck to John but let that happen to pull John away. 

While this was going on, Evan and Kristen were trying to work through this as well.  I have made an effort to not cause my children to choose sides yet have heard one thing after another about how they have been manipulated in an attempt to pull them from me.  Kristen is pulling away from her family and like many people at Water of Life, once someone has questioned Doyle, they are not to be associated with. 

I believe that Kathie wants to walk in the power of God.  I also believe that she is walking in fear.  The last few years have not been easy and there has been a financial strain to pay bills and taxes.  The sign shop business declined sharply the last year it was open and when considering why that was happening, I told God that I would humble myself any way I needed.  I told him that if there was anything I wasn’t willing to do, show me.  In my spirit the only thing that was there was the restaurant business.  When I had left it, I rejoiced and said I would never go back to it.  Kathie knew how much I hated it and when I told her I was going to see if God wanted me to go back, she said she cried knowing how much I hated it. When I did this, Doyle told me he was convinced I was a prophet and that I would follow God.  I did not discuss money in detail with Kathie because at times it seemed as though she didn’t want to know.  I also was not happy with the way things were and bluntly had been told so many times that if I couldn’t supply for my family I was less than an infidel.  I gave until I couldn’t give anymore. When I said that Kathie was walking in fear, I meant that she was afraid that she would lose the house and things.  Now she was being offered everything and was being told that this was because she was choosing to walk with Doyle and to walk with Doyle means leaving me. If she chose not to walk with Doyle the things would go away.  Kathie thinks that God is giving her these things.  Any man with money could do that.

I would be wrong to say that at times God’s power would not manifest but it did so for me as well, even when I was struggling to pay my bills.  God has healed my children and has done many works when I believed him  Imagine a MAN in Water of Life who believes something.  Doyle says there aren’t any.

I have told Kathie that I do not believe that it is God’s will for her to marry Doyle and it was not God’s will for her to live with him.  I have told her that a spirit has pushed her to do this.  Doyle says God doesn’t push you, the devil does. 

Doyle talks about a women that a man told her about and how she was right half the time.  He told the man why would you want to listen to someone who is right half the time and that God is not right half the time.  As I have considered if I have a place at Water of Life and what that might be, I have thought about how Lisa did not come back.  I thought about how Terry Mai did not live and come back to lead worship and the many things that have been said and have not happened.  I have no place at Water of Life and cannot sit under a man who is right half the time. I cannot sit under a man who has used the threat of God and fear to convince my wife to do what she has done. 

Kathie has made a choice yet says it wasn’t her choice.  There is no reason to conceal these things because of the children because they have already been hurt immensely.  I see no reason to conceal these things because Kathie wanted to keep it quiet.  Kathie has said that if she is wrong, she will be the one to come back and say she messed up.  At some point, there may not be any place to come back to and somehow, that doesn’t sound like faith.

I am not concerned about what might be said about me.  What does it matter.  People will say they knew this was coming and I deserve this.  Your judgment does not matter to me.There will be more to say.



  • Phyllis Walker  On August 7, 2012 at 5:34 pm


    Your sister worked for me for several years and I have often wondered how she is doing. WOL became such an obstructive force in her life and how she viewed the world that I have often thought of her and genuinely worried for her future. I am sorry to read of the horrible turn of events in your life and I pray for comfort and peace for you and your children. Please give your sister my best.


    Ms Walker- Paula Small has a Facebook page. You might try to contact her through FB.

  • Sheila silhavy  On April 23, 2012 at 8:45 am

    Thank you for helping share the truth
    Of this man. Please pray for people
    like myself who started in the 80’s
    watching and believing the ministry.
    As I have been reading everyone’s
    Stories I have had to renounce and pray
    For myself and others in my life over teachings I had recieved thru TV shows.
    Things I did not even remember until
    I read everyones stories.That I had walked
    In falseness also. I ask God to forgive me
    For not searching the Word and forsaking
    Following after Doyle. Pray for people
    Who were watching him like myself.
    I to find it hard to go to church even
    Though I love God and so does my
    Husband . I do believe I have been set
    Free and thanks

    Well Sheila… What a blessing to hear from people like yourself. We participate in this forum just for people like you! So you came to the right place! We love to help those who have been horribly ministered such wickedness and corruption…. and trust that GOD will completely deliver you from all the evil doctrine ministered to you. Now one thing nice about this forum is the ability to write and converse and ask all the questions you want…so feel free and everything is kept private.

    If you ever want to communicate online privately …just post a note on your comments ****for moderators please read*** or something like that and this flags the next moderator to read and not post for public view..

    or you can email us at bobdarwin99@yahoo.com

    God bless you and your family! Moderator 568

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