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The following is the best dang teaching audio that Doyle ever put out, a lesson on how to conduct intercessory prayer.

I suggest that members of the MOL Cult download this, and play it 24/7 in your homes and automobiles.

P.S. This prayer on Doyle’s audio can also be uttered by those afflicted with the spirit of constipation.


HQ COMMENTS:  This audio actually lasts over 11 minutes.  Stay with it to the end.   If you can.



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  • Bob  On December 24, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    I’d like to extend my wishes for a Merry Christmas to all my fellow MOL Cult members (Rosie, nice to see you post again) AND to all the WOL Cult members. I’d also like to wish everyone the best for the coming year, and hope that possibly some of the blue chairs might give some consideration to what is written on this Forum. Not likely, but I can hope, no?

    we can all hope, right Bob? Have a wonderful holiday, Your Friend, Temp Mod:)

  • Bob  On December 24, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    HQ – Regarding Doyle’s Most Ardent Fan on FB, I agree with you. I went to his own FB page and to my surprise I found that no blue chairs are now on his FB “Friends” list. I could be mistaken, but I seem to recall that, in the past, a few of them were. So if I’m remembering right, either he “unfriended” them or they “unfriended’ him. Odd.

    last time I looked, he only had 9…. I don’t remember him ever being FB friends with wollers=moderator

  • AP7NW  On December 24, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    TO: HQ:
    RE: Message to you from the Profitess

    Your appeal to Doyle to do the right thing is useless. Were he of such mind, he would have folded his tent and walked away years ago.

    Do not continue to batter your head against the stubborness of dementia —
    there is not enough aspirin and Lovastatin in the world, and we will not be happy without our Dear Leader.

    HQ: Actually, we were hoping someone in the Inner Circle would show some initiative. Doyle is a lost cause and wouldn’t recognize mental illness if he saw it looking back at him in the mirror. But we were hoping against hope that someone at WOL CULT Central might be able to reach out to JNS. It is difficult to remain optimistic in the face of the ignorance that pervades WOL but one tries…….

  • MOL CULT HQ  On December 24, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    We are not posting this with an intent to ridicule or make fun of him, but Doyle’s Most Ardent Fan has posted this on Doyle’s FB site:

    “Was driving to Matamoros in 1997 in a Toyota Van, twenty four hour drive…had a Vision about casting Devils out of a woman, I saw previously in the Church of Macario…when I laid hands on the woman, her Devils knocked me on the ground…I got back up and continuing casting some Devils out of Her by laying on of Hands…looked at Macario, told Him “God wants me to Pray for others…”His dollar bills eyes, shining bigger, looked at me with Fear and lust and said “no” I said “bye” went out and cranked the Toyota Van…and left pronto…Two days later in a Church in Vera Cruz…ran by a Huge Woman…when I laid Hands on a man tormented…God knocked Him on the ground…drove the Van cause figured the Mafia was going to kill me…which they paid people to do with poison more than once…later started riding buses, safer less hassle: with corrupt cops and military machine guns…”

    Doyle would never do anything about this because it probably doesn’t seem unusual to him. But if anyone who helps Doyle manage his FB page sees this (and we know you do) could you PLEASE try to contact his family and GET THIS MAN SOME HELP?

    You CLAIM to be a ‘ministry’. Don’t you RECOGNIZE a problem when you see one? JNS clearly needs someone to ‘minister’ to him, preferably a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL.

    Do the right thing.

  • AP7NW  On December 24, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    HQ Points out that Doyle has said:
    On all my videos—live and archived—you will find the faith and the love ministered to you through my servant, by the Holy Ghost, saith the Lord.

    That “love” that Doyle “ministers” and credits to our Heavenly Father (but does not in anyway come from our Father) is abusive, derisive, screaming, belittling, and uses fear and humiliation as a motivator.

    The Profitess has a message for Doyle?

    She grew up in a cult. She knows a cult when she sees one, and you, little man, are running a cult.

    Because nutcakes were all she knew, as a result, her first husband was full of your kind of LOVE. It took a good beating, an sexual assault, a divorce, therapy and and years later, an encounter with the REAL God at a (gasp) Catholic monastery for her to experience the REAL God who is nothing like you claim.

    He is awesome, powerful, and terrifying in His love for us. ALL of us. Which is lucky for you, because the Profitess isn’t nearly that magnanimous yet in her forgiveness.

    And here’s a shocker, Doyle. Our Father God loves you with a passion, just as much as He loves our James, our Apostle Al, Rosie Brucie. All of us. Deeply. And He wants all of us back, reconciled to him. And when He gets us back for judgment, you’re going to be astonished that although yes, He loves you, He doesn’t consider you any more special or precious than He does Al, or Bob, or HQ, or NJ, or Lakeside View or any of the other posters on this blog. And He loves your WOLlers EQUAL to YOU.

    You’re NOT more special than anyone else and you’re not exonerated from your sins by virtue of claiming to be His chosen representative.

    That said, have a Merry Christmas. May God have mercy on you and your family and give you one day of peace in your head. It must be horrible living in your mind–the chatter never stops, does it? God bless Kathy D. for a taking care giving job I wouldn’t wish on anyone. And God bless your poor deluded daughter and grand-daughters. One day of mental peace. That’s what I wish for you and yours.

    The Profitess

  • AP7NW  On December 24, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    Bob, Al, c’mon guys. I’m laughing so hard my ribs hurt. You two are on a roll.

  • AP7NW  On December 24, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    AA wins. I’m dying up here reading his last night’s review of the show. Goat Sauce award for you buddy — once I stop cracking up.

  • Rosie Brucie  On December 24, 2013 at 8:36 am

    Good Morning Everybody and Merry Christmas!

    I watch and Moderate the forum daily, but wanted to say Thank YOU to the Rev, Temp Mods, the other Temp Mod, Bob, Apostle Al, and the many who make up the MOL CULT HQ STILL STRONG AND POWERFUL for being here when I haven’t!! just to keep up with the old guy and his groupies.. It amazes me how they are still there!

    Yes Doyle…I am amazed after so many years, remember it was me that said YOU were like the “energizer bunny”? Well Doyle, your batteries are running out and no one will be able to change them out for you! Your belly is swollen, your eyes are shot, your hearing is worthless, and you can barely think straight anymore…you have all the symptoms of memory loss and can only remember your Veterinary practice… not what GOD is all about and what he has done…no credit is ever given to GOD, but just yourself… Yet, you say your GAWD will heal you any day? You have prophesied over and over the years on different things that never came true, yet your fellow sheep still fearfully follow you? Maybe…maybe not! Maybe some of them are truly repenting underneath their sorrowful and pitiful self and want to just save face and stay till your death? Maybe..maybe not?

    I have only one question for all the people still there? How will you all EVER escape the damnation of HELL?

    To follow this cult leader and the things he has done AGAINST all that GOD says in the bible…you know the one you read everyday and believe?

    How in the world does anyone read the bible and not believe?

    You die hards are so scared of this nobody and you truly believe he is an Apostle? Come on… everything we have exposed about him says he is only a drop in the bucket, but just one of many cons and FALSE APOSTLES in this religious network …. Remember when I told all of you that if everything you have been taught by this con doesn’t ever come true, we would report it BUT if this man was truly an Apostle, then bad things must happen to this forum? 4 + years and going strong…hmmm haven’t figured it out yet sheep?

    When Mr. Havlick, the owner of this site asked me to help him run this site…how long ago has it been? hmmmm FOUR OR IS IT five years already??? maybe more…who in the heck is keeping up…all I know is that I knew someone needed to stop this man and stop him good… He stole a lot of money from not only us, but others who have since opened their eyes and left!

    Our wishes and dreams are coming true as the “Jesus wannabe” continues to preach “Doyle’s gospel”…how sad he only knows and talks about himself so much? Does he ever teach and preach about anybody else like the real Jesus?… Oh goodness, please forgive me.. I forgot “Lisa” the one that got away! She surely is a happier woman now away from the torture she must of had to endure with that old wrinkled up CON man throwing him on the bed all the time…. (do I sound bitter)? oops… not at all…

    I am so way past him and so way better off today than I have been in many years!

    Someone notified me that Doyle mentioned that there were three women who consumed their men…? What? Consumed or did away? I’m sure he was mixed up that night…cause “consumed” never! and I’m sure he is alluding that I am one of those wimmens?

    Doyle, what I really think you meant to say was that we actually had the courage to do away with the crap that these men held all these years listening to someone (that be YOU Doyle) who knew nothing about GOD (the real one) and kept that wicked spirit some before they left and some after they left in them all these years even after leaving your wicked church!

    Yes, everyone….I am so happy to say that I have a beautiful home, cars, and treasures that will never measure up to what GOD has done for me emotionally and spirtually…. I am completely DEBT FREE and FREE of a major strong hold that held me down emotionally and spiritually! But most of all sooooo thankful for all that GOD has done for me!

    I can attest to how He works cause the last few years have been incredible!! BIG TIME healing! Healing I never experienced before…but have continued to experience everyday! The promises GOD makes to me are real and have come to pass many times!

    He walked me through a divorce promising me throughout it that He (GOD) would take care of me, not a man!

    No man (that means you Doyle) can attest to being a GODLY man when all you have done is hurt people and Con them into giving their money up for your sexual and traveling pleasures! The women you have had in your life including some who are still there and scared to leave because of Doyle exposing them …. you Doyle have destroyed their families, women do not respect their husbands under your leadership and falseness..and men do not respect their wives..they are all “jezzys”…yes and they still to the outside world pretend to be happy with you? Go figure!

    I’ll repeat what one daughter who has left many many years ago had said her mother who is still there told her….and that was she would only sleep with two men… her husband and Doyle? OMG! Dear Lord, do all the women think like that there?? My question is how many more have already done it?

    Doyle, your poor daughter and family must go home at night and pray for your departure wherever you go…my thinking is with your unrepentable heart, I doubt I’ll see you at the pearly gate? But hey I only wish you would repent and we shake hands up their…. who knows? Not my job to judge…but Doyle it’s not too late to do so!

    Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know there are many miracles out there that are just ready for all of us to PICK UP if we only believed it truly!

    There is a time for everything and I am so looking forward to all the exciting times I have in store for me and my family next year!

    Keep up the wonderful times in here…we are helping people leaps and bounds and most of us would not even know it!

    There are btw many people who come in here from other cults, so Water of Crap is not the only cult out there needing help for their people..

    Pray and never stop praying for their release and Doyle’s release as well…

    May all of you have so much fun with your Christmas Holidays, eating lots of food and having lots of love and hugs from the family and friends!

    God Bless!

    P.S. I can relate to this video so much! It just feels so good to be alive!!

    And to you as well, Rosie Brucie! Thank you for having this forum. and I too thank all the contributors to this forum. Happiest holidays to you, Rosie!😀 Happy 2014!- Temp Mod

  • MOL CULT HQ  On December 24, 2013 at 7:04 am


    ( Doyle’s comments are in bold print. Our comments are in parentheses/italics.)

    In June 1970, God directed me to pray for the United States of America.

    (The idea of Gawd “directing” anyone to pray to him for anything escapes us. WHY would Gawd have to TELL someone WHAT TO TELL HIM? Assuming a Father–Daughter/Son relationship, does a REAL Father tell his child what to TELL HIM or ASK HIM TO DO? God may very well LEAD you in a specific direction, but we hardly think God TELLS people what to parrot back to him. What would be his point in doing so?)

    At that time, I was nothing but a novice in prayer, but I obeyed my Father’s calling and I prayed almost every day for my country.

    (OBEYED by praying ALMOST every day?)

    In 1992 God sent me to America via satellite and then television with a one hour video broadcast—preaching the gospel, prayer, singing, worship and praise. The ministry expanded throughout the world by shortwave radio with five one-hour broadcasts worldwide per week.

    Throughout the world Ephesians 3:10 was being ministered:
    To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,

    In January 2007 God expanded my ministry to Live Stream throughout the world and in December 2012, Roku was added.

    (Doyle has omitted the mention of some rather significant events in his ‘ministry’ by jumping ahead to 2007. He failed to mention how he was thrown off ‘satellite and then television’ by the TV network and stations because he was…..shall we say….crazy? His ministry “expanded” to the Internet because it was cheap and relatively easy to do but mainly because he had failed in every other kind of media. Without a media presence of any kind, Doyle was languishing in obscurity in Plano—which did NOT fit his vision of himself. Doyle went on the Internet because he had no viable alternative. His webcast is virtually unseen—lost in Internet clutter—-despite his claim that everyone in the WORLD is watching him. Ditto for Roku.)

    On all my videos—live and archived—you will find the faith and the love ministered to you through my servant, by the Holy Ghost, saith the Lord.

    In 2003 and 2004 God sent me to pray in all 48 states of the mainland.

    (Why didn’t he go to the REST OF THE STATES to pray for them? Are they not worthy?)

    My ministry was now being more focused toward America and by 2007 I had overcome principalities and powers of America that I was able to minister on Live Stream throughout the world.

    (Doyle was “focused more toward America” because he had neither the means nor access to the technology to mount a ‘worldwide’ ministry. Compounding his problems, Lisa ended their long-running extramarital affair and Doyle had a mental/emotional breakdown. His “ministering on Live Stream” was possible because the cost of using the Internet to set up web casts had plummeted and could be done—-WAS BEING DONE— from anywhere, even basements and dormitory rooms. Doyle’s use of the Internet to webcast his show, more than anything else he has done in terms of broadcasting, was what led to the near total collapse of his ‘ministry’. Without the restraint provided by the necessity of providing to the television stations a ‘show’ that was halfway presentable, Doyle indulged his baser emotions and went on nightly, often alcohol-fueled, tirades that resulted in the web casting of some of the most jaw-dropping fiascos of ‘sermons’ ever seen by man.)

    My videos of today are ministered by love and faith that is more perfected and carries a greater anointing.

    (Well, sure. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that he AGAIN failed to attract an audience on the World Harvest Satellite Network, in the recent downsizing of the number of AM radio stations he appears on, in the collapse of the remote franchise churches, in his inability to attract an audience wherever he travels to put on a live show, and in the virtual collapse of attendance even in his home base in Plano. His “videos” consist of him blindly stumbling around, unable to identify those a foot away from him and telling the same old stories about himself over and over and over and over. In fairness, he has ‘perfected’ talking about himself.)

    Now these videos are live and archived and you can be a partaker of the grace of God that has been ministered to me. While listening and watching these videos ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ—devils will come out, people will be healed, strongholds will be pulled down, vain imaginations will go, your conscience will be purged by the power of God and you will be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.
    John 15:8
    Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.
    Doyle Davidson
    Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

    (If there are “devils coming out, healings, strongholds being pulled down, vain imaginings leaving and consciences being purged, THERE IS NO VISIBLE EVIDENCE OF IT. Doyle and WOL—they are one and the same—–continue on a downward spiral. Doyle’s mental decline—–which began years ago—- is currently being paralleled by his physical decline. Doyle ‘believes’ his is a vital and growing ministry. The FACTS suggest otherwise. Even the Wollers give every appearance of just waiting for Gotterdammerung and the possibility of a newly reconstituted cult—under newer management—-to emerge from the ashes of the destruction Doyle brought upon himself. Tick-tock.)

  • Apostle Al  On December 23, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    There’s a job for Doyle in Oakland:

    “Jahi [McGrath] was declared brain-dead Dec. 12 after tonsil-removal surgery, but her parents do not believe she is dead.

    Jahi’s mother…said she believes her daughter ‘wants to live.’ God, she has said, will ‘spark her brain awake.'”

    Doyle has repeatedly claimed that he has the power to raise the dead, so here’s the perfect opportunity for him to finally bask in the international spotlight! He’d best phone pilot Joe and tell him to warm up the Hawker!


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