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When was the last time Doyle told his flock the truth? 

Well according to scripture:

Deuteronomy 18:22

When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

Notice how many times he has prophesied and it not come to pass….

Was it when he said that he would never take Social Security benefits? And since then he has!

Or that he would be providing some kind of health care plan for the WOL’ers? Nope not happening…he has no money!!

How about the 48-state prayer tour for the WOL Boys? Again not going to happen… no money!!

Or was it when he said that John McCain would be elected President? That one was a big blow cause he swore John would be our next President!

The trips to Pennsylvania and now Joplin? Nope

The restoration of Doyle’s teeth and eyesight? Have gotten worse than ever!!

Lisa returning to him? When Hell freezes over!

The birth of Baby John? Still Waiting!

The trip to the Navajo reservation? This is too funny!

Does WOL stand for World Of Lies? Yes!

Courtesy of: Bob
If you have more to add to this list….please email us!  Just list it on the forum and make a note on the top of your comment to post or not to post and the moderators will add it to this list…..Thanks for helping us expose Doyle Davidson!



What Is This Forum About?

WHAT IS THE FORUM?   The Forum is a website dedicated to exposing the Truth about Doyle Davidson and the Water of Life Cult.

If you have come to this website after an Internet search attempting to find more information about Doyle Davidson, you are about to have your eyes opened.  Through bitter experience, many of those who post here have found that Doyle Davidson is NOT the man he wishes you to believe he is.

Although he portrays himself as an Apostle (self-appointed) and Prophet of Jesus Christ, he is far from being the simple country preacher he claims to be.  If your only exposure to him has been on his telecast, you are about to see a portrait of him that he  does not want you to see.

Davidson has a long history of inflicting pain –emotional, financial and spiritual– on those who follow him.  Many of the people who post here have first-hand knowledge of how dangerous this man is.   The FORUM monitors his activities and ‘sermons’ daily.

Reading the Forum will give you the background information needed to understand what is REALLY going on in this CULT.

This Forum is non-denominational and does not advocate any particular faith or church.  Our sole focus is to EXPOSE DOYLE DAVIDSON so that people will see him for what he is and can avoid falling into the Pit that is Water Of Life Ministries.




  • lily  On August 25, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    This guy is a creep running nothing but a racket . When a pastor comes to you personally demanding money in the name of God that pastor is a con artist. Jesus preached against greed and capitalism . Doyle seems to have missed that part of the Bible. I only barely feel sorry for the adults who believe him . But the children drug to this place of “worship” ,I feel pain and sorrow for. Missing meals to be at this guys dump, not being giving medicine they need and just having to listen to him is child abuse. I am glad to hear W.O.L is losing members and people are realizing it is a cult.

    Hi Lily- that’s why we continue to have this forum, for people to express their feelings, and we WILL continue to “expose” the guy. He claims we are going to the “pit” of hell. but we laugh, knowing that HE is not GOD, that we fear GOD alone, not him! Thanks for writing. Moderator

  • phrench phoenix  On November 3, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Enjoyed The Duke’s mini-speech. That’s from The Alamo, as I’m sure everyone knows. Melancholy movie. But what would you expect?…Texians lost a building to the Mexican Army. I enjoyed reading a Time essay by Joel Stein that came out a full three years before I left the Cult Shack…it was one of a thousand and one things that was leading me back to my sanity. It’s entitled “In Defense of Domination” (not to be confused with the Nicolaitans or abusers). Anyway, his point was that the Underdog Thing in America is not the true story of America…the true story is that might mixed with class, talent, and hard work often breeds success. Here’s a sample from the essay: Americans haven’t been the underdogs since 1812. We like to remember the Alamo because we fought long odds and had to give up an entire building; the Mexicans remember Texas. If ever a country’s character demanded that it root against the underdog, it’s ours. We are the country of crushing, monolithic corporations–of McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, and companies such as Aramark, Cendant, and Sysco that are so powerful we don’t even know what they do. We crush foreign dictators for looking at us funny. We are geniuses at supersizing the good stuff and McRibbing the losers. Underdogs are for Canadians.

    People confuse pity with morality, but, as America has been arguing explicitly for several decades, there is nothing amoral about strength if it is used properly. The Yankees have good players, and the Romans made awesome aqueducts. Do you really think it makes you a better person to wish success upon a team with bad management, poor decision making and lesser talent? Then maybe you should hire Michael Eisner for his next job.

    Okay, that’s enough. Reading Psalms every week did not lead me out of the Cult Shack, but if I (we) had had more of what Mr. Stein writes about in my (our) soul(s), it may very well have kept me (us) immune from doyle’s wiles. Though it’s probably not wise to change bible verses, I do wish that Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven could be changed to Blessed are the poor in spirit, but y’all need to get a grip!!

    btw, my favorite John Wayne quote is: I’m not gonna hit ya…I’m not gonna hit ya…the hell I’m not. (as he hits him). God bless!

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