An Encounter With Doyle Davidson

I encountered Doyle and his concubine, Kathy Small on Sunday September 19, 2010.  The following is the correct version of what really happened….

I Wrote This To Doyle:

Just Another Lie By Doyle & His Concubine!

by Rosie on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 9:07am

Doyle, it’s funny how so many people have heard some of the things you have done behind the scenes only after they leave.  So that’s why we decided to EXPOSE YOU before they leave so they don’t have to wait!  Yes we set-up a website to do just that!  What you have done in the name of God is blasphemy!!  You have withered to nothing but a stack of dung and what comes out of your mouth is ministering only that!

So many of us didn’t know the adulterous affair you had been carrying on SECRETLY for seventeen years, especially Alan and I as we helped you financially support and  feed your lust with Lisa or you would have never received a penny from us…is that why you made it so secret for so long? hmmmmmmmm,  especially when you approached me in person and told me that your GAWD told you to tell me to start giving you $5,000.00 personally a month.  This was on top of all the hundreds of thousands Alan and I gave you from the company not including our personal givings, you went through all the money only again to feed your private airplanes and hotel stays with your little so called “slut waf”.

Doyle, I pray daily that everyone who is still there reads this note and considers that everyone that has left that place has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams!  We are finally for the first time able to feel the real peace and joy the REAL God Jesus has bestowed on us.  Yes, it was God’s will that we leave that place.  The condemnation, the adulterous ministering you did to all those people in the congregation, profound drug use, sickness and more death than companies with thousands of employees never see… the ministering of hate and quilt is so profound in your church and building that I believe the real truth for YOU leaving Plano to Denton is that all your little devils are chasing you out!!!

I saw your 3rd waf’s version on what happened at the restaurant on Sept 19th, 2010 and it made me laugh so hard cause it just confirmed how obedient she is to say whatever you wish her to say!  This is from her standing a good distance away from us while you and I were talking and my back was towards her!!  My own husband couldn’t hear what we were saying hardly and he was right at the table facing us!!  So yes just another made up story by your so-called witnesses who lie for you!

As far as your story, LIE< LIE< LIE!  First of all you CALLED ME A WITCH FIRST!  Because I had planned on not stooping to your level by name calling, so  I had time to get my heart just right.

But as your words provoked me, you being the so-called man of God, I told you I believed you were a Warlock only after you called me a WITCH.  I don’t believe calling you a Warlock was anything but what God wanted you to hear.  You know I was so surprised at that word when it came out, cause I’ve never said that word towards anyone, but it came out truly by the spirit meant for you!

You re-told the whole story to your congregation to sound like you were so calm and collected when in fact you wanted to choke me just like you did Lisa…when you bent down so close to my face, I remember leaning on the table and putting a hand up to shield your bad breath and that’s all, but to also keep your face from touching me!! YOU WERE THE ONE CUPPING YOUR HANDS….DO YOU NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING?   By the way when you were leaving, you did NOT say God Bless….you only said, I’ve gotta go.  So stop trying to sound like you were so holy and glorious!

How in the world can I talk so boldly you might say!!

Because as the scripture says: Det 18:22 – If What a Prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken.  That Prophet has spoken presumptuously. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF HIM.

We have countless lists of things that you have proclaimed in God’s name at our site… that never came to pass….so be sure to go over to the site and visit us…

The curses you have proclaimed against people have only come back to bite you on the butt my dear friend….your body is swiviling up before our eyes and your whole body is becoming a manifestion of all the curses you have proclaimed against others…..

There is always hope for you Doyle Davidson, just as I tell all the people who have left Water of Life, your work is not done yet, we all need to be sure to DENOUNCE DOYLE DAVIDSON AS A MAN OF GOD AND REPENT FOR EVER BELIEVING IT! As anyone can attest after leaving your cult, it is very fearful only because you have instilled fear upon fear as a good little cult leader that you are… at least have succeeded in one thing in your life at least….

As you continue to minister division among all the married people there, that is how you capture your preys by preying upon the gullible women.

There were many times you wanted me to fire Alan from our computer company, but as I look back, that was how you managed to keep getting so much money from us by keeping me STUPID AND GULLIBLE!   Thank you Lord for opening my eyes and I pray you open everyone else’s!

Doyle as you keep attacking me by calling me names only remember “I am a servant of God” and your names do not come near me!

God Bless you!



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