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Deuteronomy 18:22- when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.

For several years, The Forum at had one goal – to expose to the public the physical, mental, moral and spiritual decay that lives beneath the surface at Water Of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas.

This website was established to WARN people about the TOXIC NATURE OF DOYLE DAVIDSON, his associates and his organization.

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For several years, The Forum at had one goal – to expose to the public the physical, mental, moral and spiritual decay that lives beneath the surface at Water Of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas.

Doyle Davidson prospered as long as he did simply because people did not know the TRUTH about what was going on at WOL, INC. When the TRUTH became widely known about Doyle, his mental state, ADULTERY behaviors and abusive practices, it was the beginning of the END for WOL CULT.

The collapse of WOL CULT did not result from the efforts of this blog. Although we have a lot of people who thank us for helping them make the final decision to move forward!  Doyle Davidson effectively killed his own “ministry” because he could not be ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT HE IS “A CON”!!

WOL CULT is NOT the “Christian Ministry” Doyle and his Inner Circle claim it to be.

The story of Doyle and the supporting cast of characters in this cult is a long and convoluted one. It is important for people to know that the ‘story’ of WOL and Doyle —-as told by Doyle and his followers —–is riddled with misleading statements and, often, outright lies.

The Forum has challenged those lies and informed readers of the REAL TRUTHS behind the deceptive image Doyle and his crew TRIED to foist on an audience who were not familiar with Doyle Davidson or the history of WOL CULT.

Much of what is written on this blog consists of DOYLE’S OWN STATEMENTS which are contrasted with KNOWN FACTS that illustrate the DIFFERENCES between the fantasy and of those who gave money to Doyle over the years like the owner of this site who left the cult many years ago. Those who remain have been unable to financially sustain his grandiose dreams and schemes. The television broadcasts failed to capture more followers / ‘givers’. Those who watched his shows know WHY.

Every time—-EVERY TIME—-Doyle and his followers tried to mount a media effort to ‘grow the cult’, it FAILED. To any objective observer, the REASONS were obvious. There is a saying that the definition of ‘insanity’ is “doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results”.

That saying is a Living Description of the way Doyle operates.
The Forum bloggers did not have to try to ‘destroy’ Doyle and his CULT.
Doyle did it himself.


Enjoy the entertainment while you can because BASED ON THE OBSERVED RATE OF DECLINE of the “Apostle”—both physically and mentally—-a complete meltdown cannot be far off.
The damage Doyle has done is largely in the past. The general television audience rejected the insanity that is WOL CULT. Today, that insanity is only being inflicted on a very small group of followers who appear to be—in their own ways—just as damaged as Doyle is.


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  • The Medic  On July 17, 2017 at 10:49 am

    Bob….re: past one hour: (1) Because his Depends needs to be changed (2) he becomes “ripe” after an hour? Other thoughts???

  • Apostle Al, Your Atheist Pal  On July 17, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Monday webcast: Nothing but the rote opening and old music videos. Doyle ended the webcast about twenty minutes early.


  • Bob  On July 17, 2017 at 9:16 am

    Old habits die hard at WOL. Despite the fact that Doyle’s shows no longer have a tight time constraint for television broadcast, the “timekeeper” (Paul Peters?) continues to shout out the remaining time — 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute and then a 10-second countdown. They still don’t realize how asinine this sounds, especially now that it isn’t necessary. Really, what difference will it make if Doyle goes beyond an hour?

  • MOL CULT HQ  On July 17, 2017 at 7:17 am

    AA’s points are well made. Doyle had what “success” he had by basically “telling CERTAIN people what they wanted to hear”—-which is the essence of FLATTERY.

    What is WRONG with that is that it involved LYING TO THOSE PEOPLE.

    Consider Doyle’s ‘teachings’ about education. He has routinely told people that “education is dung” and has repeatedly told his followers that they only need to be able to read at a fifth grade level in order to ‘understand’ Scripture. While this may be appealing to those who can ONLY read “fifth grade”, it skims over the fact that there is a DIFFERENCE between READING on an elementary school level and READING COMPREHENSION at a significantly higher level.

    KSD is a prime example of this.

    Yes, she can read (if not pronounce words consistently well) but her level of comprehension, understanding and ability to DISCERN THE MEANING of what she reads leaves MUCH to be desired. For example, her understanding of the nature of the various medical conditions she has ‘taught’ about when Doyle allowed her to speak is appalling.

    Periodically one reads a news story of how some child died of a treatable condition because the parents ‘believe’ that having ‘faith’ trumps professional medical care. Maggie Schlosser is dead because of such a belief. So is Terry Mai. KSD has told of experiencing post-menopausal bleeding and—-at least publicly—-has claimed this is a “SIGN” of the return of the ability to become pregnant. Not only is this simply WRONG, it is EVIL TO “TEACH” THIS to women (people) who are medically unsophisticated and who may experience this. By the time they learn that it was NOT a sign of returned fecundity, it may be too late to fix the problem of which it actually IS A “SIGN”.

    Doyle’s “teachings” about MONEY are another case on point regarding how he puts his own desires ahead of the well-being of his followers.

    The Wollers are taught to eschew insurance of various types because their “faith” will protect them from loss. Clearly—-as damage incurred from the springtime hail storms showed—-this is not a reliable method of protection.

    Doyle actually TAUGHT the Wollers to seek to exempt themselves from the Social Security system and, apparently, there were those at WOL who were so brainwashed by Doyle they actually TRIED TO DO SO.

    Doyle’s MOTIVE for ‘teaching’ this was CRYSTAL CLEAR: any money the Wollers divert to OTHER purposes is money HE WILL NOT RECEIVE.

    MOL CULT TIP: Doyle (and now KSD’s) “teachings ARE ALWAYS SELF-SERVING.

    Given the Wollers’ disdain for EDUCATION, there is LITTLE likelihood of them being able to a sufficiently well-paying job (in the modern economy) that would allow them to roll up enough savings to FUND a retirement of ANY kind.

    There are probably those of you who (like us) have spent DECADES denying ourselves at least some of the material goodies and experiences we COULD HAVE HAD because we were trying to lay up resources for the time it would be needed. (That—–by the way—actually IS taught in the Scriptures. Read about Joseph and the laying up of grain against the coming years of famine.) In pouring money into 401k plans, Roth IRAs, various investments and other savings methods——with NO GUARANTEE the money will BE THERE when the time come—–we took positive and PROACTIVE steps to at least TRY to ensure that OTHERS WILL NOT HAVE TO BE TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for ‘taking care of us when the time comes.

    This is simply good citizenship. If NO ONE plans for the future, IF everyone just relies on “faith”, WHO will be able to care for—–feed, cloth and shelter—– those who cannot do so BECAUSE THEY DID NOT PLAN AHEAD, did not EDUCATE themselves, were so financially ignert that they did not KNOW how to use wisely what resources they DID HAVE ?


    Gawd doesn’t take care of DOYLE. If He did, Doyle wouldn’t be blind, sick, toothless and demented.

    Doyle has been a societal parasite for most of his life (and KSD has joined in that “walk”.) “Gawd” did not provide for his needs; THE WOLLERS DID. When Doyle needs “big bucks”, he tells those who WRITE THE CHECKS: the Blue Chairs. He always did this and he still does. The financial disaster developed at WOL because Doyle cannot manage money and he alienated the VERY PEOPLE WHO WROTE MOST OF THOSE CHECKS, the ones who took their checks and LEFT.

    WE will not have the luxury of telling people to “cough it up” when we need money in our old age. Neither will YOU. If may be comforting to ‘believe’ that “Gawd will provide”, but the fact is that history shows us that He, more often than not, DOESN’T provide. (Where exactly ARE those truckloads of gold and silver that Gawd was supposed to send to the houses of the Wollers and dumped in their driveways? When can they expect that ‘delivery’?)

    Although the Marxist view of the economy and government is, we believe, a flawed one, we suggest that Old Karl wasn’t too far off the mark when he supposedly declared that “religion is the opiate of the people”. Wicked sorcerers well know that opiates alone seldom (if ever) CURE the underlying condition. They simply MASK THE PAIN. If the underlying condition is serious enough and remains untreated, the patients may well die ‘comfortably’ , but DIE THEY WILL.

    Buying into the “Woller Theology” may MASK THE PAIN (for a while) and allow the Blue Chairs to FEEL better (and superior to those who are NOT cult members), but the inherent FLAWS and ERRORS OF LOGIC in such a ‘belief system’ make it INEVITABLE that, sooner or later, DENIAL won’t work anymore.

    Doyle (and KSD’s) “teachings” are OPIATES dispensed to the Blue Chairs in an effort to dull their senses to such an extent that they can be manipulated and exploited.

    There are at least TWO aspects of OPIATE USAGE that are revelant here.

    1. If taken long enough, they are addicting. The remaining Wollers are as addicted to Doyle as a street junkie is to the needle and LITERALLY experience ‘withdrawal symptoms’ when the DRUG is no longer available to them.

    2. Opiates create in the human brain a FALSE sense of EUPHORIA. When the effect wanes, humans seek to REPEAT the experience. Thus starts the cycle of addiction. Because a ‘tolerance’ for the drug quickly develops, it takes more and more drug at higher and higher levels to reach the same level of euphoria. Eventually, the sought after euphoria requires SO MUCH DRUG to reach that a person is at serious risk of overdose and death. In terms wicked sorcerers use: the ED (effective dose) approaches the LD (lethal dose).

    Following Doyle (and KSD’s) “teachings” requires SO MUCH DENIAL in terms of simple common sense that one functionally loses the ability to think rationally. That was the core teaching last night: Deny your thoughts and ‘gut feelings’. Just “believe” what we tell you.

    Have some more narcotics. They’re good for you.

  • Apostle Al, Your Atheist Pal  On July 16, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    I note that Doyle made no mention on Sunday night of the singing prowess of Paul Peters. Paul had great faith that he could sing, but yet…

    As for the Water of Life Cult tenet that faith is more important than talent, knowledge, and understanding: Doyle and Kathie’s target audience are people with very little knowledge or understanding, so the idea that some nebulous “faith” as the answer to all questions and the solution to all problems, is quite appealing to them.

    Doyle’s problem is that such people tend to not have much money, but those are the only people that Doyle can consistently outfox intellectually, so he’s kind of stuck with them.

    Anyway, Fat Tony finally got up off his ass and is earning his keep by being Doyle’s rep at the Kingfisher memorial/funeral up in Oklahoma. Considering how precarious the future of Water of Life, Inc. is, old Doyle might be well-advised to keep an eye on Tony, making sure that he doesn’t get any ideas — like opening up his own storefront church in Oklahoma, stealing away all that Cherokee wampum. After all, Tony went up there to make inroads with the Cherokees, and he might just decide he’s well-suited for the gig.

    And who could blame him? After Doyle dies, would Fat Tony even have a job in Plano? And if he did, would he then report to Kathie Small Davidson? Screw that, he may be saying to himself.


  • MOL CULT HQ  On July 16, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    It appears there was a bit of a change of plans regarding the announcement that Doyle, TB and KSD would attend the funeral of Betty Kingfisher.

    Tonight on FB, Doyle had the following posted:

    “The Lord Jesus Christ certainly sent me, an apostle, to the Cherokees beginning on November 26, 2010 with a meeting in Muskogee, Oklahoma. God sent along with me a prophetess, Kathie Davidson. I am happy to hear some good reports out of Oklahoma tonight.
    Anthony and Misty Reece attended the viewing of Betty Kingfisher earlier this afternoon at the Green County Funeral Home. They shared they were able to talk to the Nofires and the Roosters. The Nofire family sang at several of our Muskogee Meetings. After the viewing Anthony and Misty then traveled to the Kingfisher property for a memorial singing. The memorial singings are a common practice in Oklahoma. For those that are unfamiliar, a singing is a meeting, usually open to the public where families, groups, or individuals take turns singing gospel songs. Many that attend are fluent on instruments and are able accompany the participating singers if requested. The purpose of these meetings is to share the gospel in song. Todays was in memorial for Betty Kingfisher, who along with her family sang at many of these singings.”

    We assume—but do not know—that Doyle and his Wimmen will NOT be making the trip to Oklahoma after all, since the funeral will be held tomorrow, and there probably won’t be enough time for them to get there.

    Did not some MOL CULT Apostle prophesy this?

  • MOL CULT HQ  On July 16, 2017 at 10:07 pm


    After the usual rote opening, Doyle sang the praises of the Mai Girls musical ability. Apparently none of them have any formal musical education (Candace may have had some piano lessons, who knows?) but they know how to ‘sing’ and perform because they are ‘anointed’.

    According to Doyle musical talent in the Davidson’s began with his mother and all the sisters can sing. Here’s an example of that talent. Doyle had this video played a few times and then it was quickly abandoned and buried in the deep recesses of You-Tube:

    Need more? Here’s a link to another recording by Doyle’s sister:


    (To access this audio, copy and paste it into your search box.)

    We can certainly see where Kathy Mai inherited her talent.

    OK, it’s not NICE to criticize these people. They try. It’s just that it is hardly surprising that the “Musical Ministry” at WOL really could not compete with the professional and educated musicians of other ministries.

    Every facet of WOL CULT was permeated with AMATEURISM. Doyle was not schooled in theology and his ‘preaching’ shows it. KSD learned what she knows from him—which is a golden example of what you get when the blind leads the blind.

    We’ve often commented on the musical efforts of the Mai Girls. Their ‘talent’ is about what one would expect from untrained musicians performing in a very small, country church. Just because you are handed a microphone does not mean you have the talent to use it WELL.

    Stunningly, the “Musical Ministry” at WOL never really impressed the Tee-Vee audience, even though Pops thinks he has the best music ever heard in a “Christian” service.

    Contrary to Doyle’s ‘belief’, one becomes a consummate performer (in any field, really) through a combination of innate talent, TRAINING / EDUCATION and practice, practice, practice. Simply “believing” you have a talent does not mean you actually HAVE ONE.

    Doyle and KSD ( who adopted this ‘belief’ from Doyle) apparently ‘believe’ that “anointing” makes up for a lack of education and talent. It is the same kind of misunderstanding that lets KSD ‘believe” that a ‘sermon’ containing factual mistakes and misinterpretations that is delivered at maximum volume is somehow better than a more modulated delivery of material based on actual truth. An “emotional belief” simply does not—IN OUR VIEW—-‘overcome’ functional illiteracy regarding the topic on which one is speaking.

    Which brings us to the comments they made at the last portion of the show. Doyle spoke longer than usual tonight, but as always, his ‘teachings’ were largely nonsense. Both Doyle and KSD made the point—we’re condensing this to its essence——-that when your “faith” wanes, you just have to try harder to believe.

    Such a ‘teaching’ is central to the CULT EXPERIENCE. When what you are hearing makes no sense and you begin to have doubts, DO NOT—under any circumstance—stop to consider that what you are hearing IS nonsense OR stop to consider WHY you are being taught things that are patently ABSURD and NON-BIBLICAL. You simply have to double down on the DENIAL and make a greater effort to “believe the unbelievable”.

    Doyle’s Tee-Vee “ministry” failed because even the ‘better’ musical performances were sub-par AND were played to DEATH. Doyle’s ‘sermons’ were invariably SELF-REFERENTAL and were obvious manifestations of his unbridled narcissistic grandiosity.

    Tonight Doyle’s “lesson” taught how he ‘believed’ and ‘praised” Gawd who then arranged for a house he owned to be sold because it was not generating any money for him. We will inconveniently point out the OBVIOUS—that real estate deals are contingent on MANY FACTORS but whether or not you ‘praise’ the GAWD OF WOL is not really one of them.

    If “praising Gawd” is the CRUCIAL FACTOR in getting Gawd to do something for you, then WHY is Doyle still blind, WHY does he still have bad teeth, and WHY isn’t KSD getting laid?

  • Bob  On July 16, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Sunday Morning Show – Nothing much. After the rote opening KSD explained that Doyle is like Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. For shortwave listeners who might not be familiar with that story, she said that Doctor Jekyll, normally mild mannered, turned into a monster. She said that she has seen that in the spirit with Doyle, where everything seems to be going calmly until somebody said something that he didn’t agree with, and then he (turning into the Hyde Monster) went after the spirit in them. After hearing that, Doyle started laughing or crying, hard to tell which as his acting skills suck.

    He then gave the stage over to KSD for her “sermon” which was just another one of her loud, crazy look, religiously amateurish presentations.

    After that Doyle gave a little presentation on his past “successful” ministries on television and flying around the nation in 2003 (this is when he and 5 or 6 people would land at an airport, rent an SUV, drive around for a few hours “praying”, go back to the airport and take off for the next destination).

    He confirmed that he is going off TV on July 23 and World Harvest Television already has the last show for broadcast so today’s show will not be going to them, i.e., it’s all over folks. But he assured his little flock that they will still be seen all over the world via the webcasts which are seen on Roku, Apple TV (provided you have the right model) and YouTube (I checked his YouTube videos to see what kind on viewership they have and it averages around 50 views per show, which is probably the Plano folks watching. With the current world population at around 7.4 billion and Doyle only attracting 50 people to watch, I don’t think his worldwide coverage is doing him much good).

    They then finished out the show with old music videos, during which there were short camera shots of KSD driving demons out of Lark Carpenter and her daughter, Luann Brown (yawn).

    I think it’s time for Doctor Davidson and Mister Hyde to start seriously thinking about retiring to Missouri.

  • The Medic  On July 16, 2017 at 9:26 am

    I’m watching the crap fest with KSD’s noise turned off. Why is she wearing a wedding band???

  • Apostle Al, Your Atheist Pal  On July 16, 2017 at 8:58 am


    Following-up on a facebook repost, “Who Am I?”, Doyle said yesterday:

    “I believe in God’s words, I will build you a house, it would include a new sanctuary.”

    Presumably this new Temple of Doyle would be in the more upscale Preston Road area of Plano, where Doyle has said he’d like his megachurch to be built.

    With all the money Doyle is saving by closing down his TV ‘ministry’, and not traveling anymore, coming up with the tens of millions needed to build such a thing should be a breeze.


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