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For several years, The Forum at had one goal – to expose to the public the physical, mental, moral and spiritual decay that lives beneath the surface at Water Of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas.

This website was established to WARN people about the TOXIC NATURE OF
DOYLE DAVIDSON, his associates and his organization.





For several years, The Forum at had one goal – to expose to the public the physical, mental, moral and spiritual decay that lives beneath the surface at Water Of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas.
This website was established to WARN people about the TOXIC NATURE OF
DOYLE DAVIDSON, his associates and his organization.
Doyle Davidson prospered as long as he did simply because people did not know the TRUTH about what was going on at WOL, INC. When the TRUTH became widely known about Doyle, his mental state, behaviors and abusive practices, it was the beginning of the END for WOL CULT.
The collapse of WOL CULT did not result from the efforts of this blog. Doyle Davidson effectively killed his own “ministry” because he could not be ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT HE IS.
WOL CULT is NOT the “Christian Ministry” Doyle and his Inner Circle claim it to be.
The story of Doyle and the supporting cast of characters in this cult is a long and convoluted one. It is important for people to know that the ‘story’ of WOL and Doyle —-as told by Doyle and his followers —–is riddled with misleading statements and, often, outright lies.
The Forum has challenged those lies and informed readers of the REAL TRUTHS behind the deceptive image Doyle and his crew TRIED to foist on an audience who were not familiar with Doyle Davidson or the history of WOL CULT.
Much of what is written on this blog consists of DOYLE’S OWN STATEMENTS which are contrasted with KNOWN FACTS that illustrate the DIFFERENCES between the fantasy and of those who gave money to Doyle over the years have left the cult. Those who remain have been unable to financially sustain his grandiose dreams and schemes. The television broadcasts failed to capture more followers / ‘givers’. Those who watched his shows know WHY.
Every time—-EVERY TIME—-Doyle and his followers tried to mount a media effort to ‘grow the cult’, it FAILED. To any objective observer, the REASONS were obvious. There is a saying that the definition of ‘insanity’ is “doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results”. That saying is a Living Description of the way Doyle operates.
The Forum bloggers did not have to try to ‘destroy’ Doyle and his CULT.
Doyle did it himself.
Enjoy the entertainment while you can because BASED ON THE OBSERVED RATE OF DECLINE of the “Apostle”—both physically and mentally—-a complete meltdown cannot be far off.
The damage Doyle has done is largely in the past. The general television audience rejected the insanity that is WOL CULT. Today, that insanity is only being inflicted on a very small group of followers who appear to be—in their own ways—just as damaged as Doyle is.
Nothing can be done to help—or save—those people. What will be, will be.the reality of what WOL is and what kind of person Doyle Davidson really is.















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  • MOL CULT HQ  On July 14, 2017 at 10:07 am


    Doyle struggled a bit but got through the rote opening. He said he was in a great battle (or something like that) and said that he was expecting to “overcome” at any time. Presumably that means his teeth will regrow and his eyesight will return at any time.

    KSD, for those who are concerned, said she was “doing well”.

    The show is continuing with the usual musical videos. There may be an update if there is anything to report regarding their comments, if any, at the end of the show.

  • josh1001001  On July 13, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    “Doyle Davidson
    21 hrs ·

    I’ve never looked back.

    Doyle Davidson


  • Bob  On July 13, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    If Doyle and his two prophetesses do end up going to the funeral home in Oklahoma, Doyle is looking so bad lately that when they get to the front door the funeral director might tell KSD and TB that all corpses are to be brought in through the back door. 🙂

  • Apostle Al, Your Atheist Pal  On July 13, 2017 at 1:46 pm


    As we know from listening to Doyle for all these years, the Wollers — the cult believers who support and pamper him — are to blame for all of his problems. This includes his dwindling financial resources, the failures of every one of his projects and ‘ministries’, his blindness, his near-deafness, his toothlessness, and his impotence. In fact, if it wasn’t for the sins of the Wollers being placed upon Doyle by God, he’d look just like he did 45 years ago. He’ll tell you that.

    Why, the wicked Wollers have practically DESTROYED Doyle! Just look at him, for Christ’s sake!

    Doyle now publicly bitches and complains to God about this situation, demanding some answers from the Almighty about why he looks and feels like a sick, broken-down 85-year-old.

    Considering the apparently bad financial problems at Water of Life, Inc., one wonders how long it’ll be before Doyle’s ex-wife and live-in ass-washer, Kathie Small Davidson, will have another “prophecy” direct from Jesus Christ. This one instructing the remaining Wollers to immediately sell everything they own and give the cash to Doyle — OR HE’LL DIE!

    As you may recall, the late Oral Roberts successfully employed this gambit in 1987, ultimately collecting some $9,000,000 from worried suckers. Of course, Roberts died eventually, just like Doyle will, but he died rich. Very rich.

    I mean, Doyle’s latest scalp-the-Cherokees plan just isn’t going to cut it. ‘Jesus’ needs to tell the Wollers to liquidate immediately and “cough it up”, as Kathie so delicately refers to it, or DOYLE WILL DIE — AND IT’LL ALL BE THEIR FAULT!

    Hell, they may as well give it a try.

    Thanks AA. I too remember the Oral Roberts scam and all the suckers that gave him money. Ignorant people. — moderator

  • Bob  On July 13, 2017 at 10:01 am

    It’s kind of interesting watching how the WOL Cult members react to Doyle’s Facebook posts.

    Only 23 “Liked” last night’s show where Doyle criticized gawd for not following through on his promises. Among those who approved this criticism were Apostle Carp and Mustang Man. The older blue chair gentleman showed a little more discernment and did not affix his “Like” to the show.

    When it came to Doyle’s post about him expecting his new teeth to manifest soon, a whopping 56 of his followers, including the o.b.c.g., “Liked” that one. The o.b.c.g. even commented, “Grace, Grace, Grace!”

    Paul Peters’ dad also commented, “Me too!” which leaves one wondering if he was referring to Doyle’s teeth or is expecting his own teeth to be miraculously restored?

    Steddie in Africa also like the new teeth post and commented, “Man of great faith.”


    HQ: The Blue Chairs’ comments are illuminating in a way they may—or may not—-realize. Their comments do not typically indicate that they AGREE that the ‘miracles’ WILL occur. They can be ‘interpreted’ that way (which MAY be what Doyle wants them to ‘believe’) , but they also COULD MEAN that they simply ‘believe’ that Doyle has—–as Steddie posted—-“great faith”.

    Doyle has certainly “stuck to his guns” in repeating these “beliefs” (blindness going to be healed, teeth going to be regrown, that he’ll be given the strength to knock up KSD) , but that is—WE SUGGEST—more of an indicator of the strength of his DELUSIONAL STATE than it is an accurate assessment of what is likely to happen at the CULT.

    We think that even the Blue Chairs —-on some level—-KNOW that Doyle is spouting bull****, but their own mental issues render them incapable of breaking free of him. STILL, they seem to hedge a bit on just how full-throatedly most of them align themselves with his particular (and peculiar) DELUSIONS. “A-ben”, “Grace, Grace” and ‘praising his faith’ give him the feedback he wants but allows the Blue Chairs some wiggle room to ‘explain’ to themselves WHY “Gawd” remains suspiciously inactive.

  • MOL CULT HQ  On July 13, 2017 at 8:07 am



    We believe that if Doyle and KSD are hoping to extract some money from the Indians, they will be met with the same kind of reception they were met with when they tried to “preach” to the during the Muskogee trips.

    The only people who ‘relate’ to Doyle’s “Gawspel” are those who were mind-bent years ago. It is clear from watching the Sundays and Wednesday shows (at least on those rare occasions when they inadvertently show the audience) that there are NO NEW ATTENDEES.

    If Doyle actually HAD a Tee-Vee audience, you’d think SOME OF THEM would be intrigued enough to make the trek to the Mothership to watch the proceedings in person, get a feel for it up close and personal , as it were. But what is seen is the USUAL FACES. The problem for Doyle is that many of the “USUAL FACES” had their fill of his insanity, KSD’s screeching ignorance and their overt greed. Those people have NOT been replaced and as a result, the financial house of cards has collapsed.

    Doyle’s “mission to Africa” has little (if anything) to do with providing anything of REAL VALUE to Africa/Africans. Doyle and KSD , of course, THINK that their hot air and insipid shows are providing “great value” to the Africans via shortwave radio.

    One recurring ‘sermon’ topic that they would, in the past, pound was the “pearl of great price” parable in which the listeners were, in essence, told to “sell everything they had in order to purchase that thing of great value”—–which, to their minds—-was (SURPRISE) Doyle’s “Gawspel”. Doyle, at one point, even told the “starving” Africans to send to HIM the money they would use to feed their children.

    “Send me your children’s milk money.”

    That statement is the TRUE REPRESENTATION of how he feels about other people. Narcissistic Doyle is all about himself. Others exist to SERVE HIM; not the other way around.

    Doyle flew Steddie and Susan Muserera to Plano to sink his claws into them. (Readers may recall that prior to their visit, Doyle have NEVER ACTUALLY MET THE MUSERERAS.)

    The Musereras were “feted” at WOL with a “reception” with a catered BBQ*** luncheon. Interestingly, that was a menu choice just like Doyle tried to use to entice the Injuns of Oklahoma.

    [****”Gawd” apparently REALLY LIKES to see people eat BBQ. Actually, we suspect that shredded beef cooked to pieces, drowned in sauce and served on a soft roll may be one of the few foods other than steamed veggies and puddin’ that toothless Doyle can pound down. But we digress]

    Doyle had KSD drive the Musereras around sightseeing in the new Caddy (they were VERY impressed and said something to the effect that it was like riding on a cloud.) Doyle had the Wollers give Steddie some cash before he left and Doyle promised to have the Wollers send him EVEN MORE of their money to help “feed the poor, starving people of Zimbabwe”. From what has been publicly shared of that effort, it is a near joke. Contributions have tapered off and what has been purchased has gone to the “preachers” who are—in effect—-Steddie’s own “Inner Circle”. So much for feeding the POOR.

    But that was NEVER DOYLE’S INTENT in the first place.

    Doyle SUCKS money out of his audience; he doesn’t GIVE THEM ANYTHING (except bull**** and bad, misunderstood teachings.)

    His “ministry to the African’s” wasn’t successful back in the 80s and it isn’t successful NOW. Any money that Steddie and Susan raise will—-stunningly—STAY with Steddie and Susan. By what can be seen, they seem to be doing OK, at least by Zimbabwean standards. Doyle, on the other hand, is swirling the bowl.

    In picking the poorest of the poor to try to “preach” to, Doyle made a strategic error. The poor—-duh—have little money. And they are loathe to let their children and themselves GO HUNGRY in order to send what they DO have to a crazy old coot in Texas, USA who rides around in a new Cadillac, flies around in charter jets, constantly brags about his old “lucrative” veterinary practice and has a live-in concubine who revels in wearing her new clothes.

    Doyle’s pitch to the Africans was precisely the WRONG MESSAGE SENT TO THE WRONG PEOPLE and——again stunningly—-IT DID NOT PAY OFF.

    Now Doyle is trying to run the SAME SCAM on the Indians—AGAIN.

    It didn’t work when he tried it earlier and—-we prophesy—it won’t work now.

    Earlier—with those trips to Muskogee—–Doyle would rent a venue for his ‘meetings’. He provided some food on an occasion or two and hired a band. THAT is how he met the Kingfishers. (Do a quick Internet search for bands you can contract to perform in the Muskogee area and you’ll find the Kingfishers —and others whose genre is “Christian” rock— available for hire.)

    The thing was that Doyle spent that money and got little of nothing for it. The “Ministry to the Injuns” had a VERY POOR RETURN ON INVESTMENT. The same results were obtained in the “Ministry to the Africans”.

    The difference was that Doyle DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY to fly to Africa to ‘hold meetings’. He WANTED to do so, but the Wollers who could cough up those kinds of bucks AREN’T THERE anymore. The truth is that it wouldn’t have made any DIFFERENCE if he had gone.

    Only a few of Steddie’s people know who he is. Shortwave radio—-Doyle’s big gun in reaching the ‘Africans”— is obsolete but Doyle is SO OLD and SO OUT-OF-DATE that he still THINKS it’s cutting edge technology.

    With the drying up of his funding, Doyle and KSD are DESPERATE now.

    You could hear it in his voice last night. KSD has almost been stunned into silence at the way the thing fell apart so fast. When the finances finally reached the critical level, the media effort HAD to be CUT. With that cut, KSD’s prospects for a wonderful life and Joyce Meyer-like ‘ministry’ post-Doyle also ended up in the dirt. (Not that it was going anywhere anyway.)

    Desperate times, they say, call for desperate measures. That is what is behind this return to a ‘focus’ on “ministering to the Indians”. It didn’t work before but Doyle has little to lose by rolling the dice one more time. His frustration was clearly on display last night at the close of the show. He’s getting frustrated with “Gawd” for not bailing him out of his SELF-CREATED predicament and nothing he’s tried on his own (berating the Wollers) has worked to increase cash flow. His teeth have not been miraculously restored, he remains blind, he can’t get KSD pregnant and he’s depleting what assets he does have remaining with every passing day. There are no new bodies coming into the cult and bringing their money with them for him to claw away from them.

    We’re witnessing the final days of WOL CULT. It’s been a long time coming. The people of Plan-Oh didn’t save him. The African didn’t save him and the Indians won’t save him. He’s reaping the REWARDS of living an evil life: blind, sick, toothless, mostly alone except for parasitic sycophants and practically broke.

    Last night Doyle plaintively asked “Gawd”: “Is that (his current circumstances) what you call a long life? Is that what you call salvation?”

    We say: “No, Doyle. It’s not ‘salvation’. It’s called a ‘just reward’.

  • Apostle Al, Your Atheist Pal  On July 12, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    Kathie Small Davidson’s “prophecy” delivered during the Wednesday morning webcast was crafted to do two things, both having to do with the Cherokees up in Oklahoma, whom Doyle hopes to soon wheedle some cash out of. Here’s what she said:

    “I the Lord will say unto you, my kingdom is an everlasting kingdom; my kingdom is not in word only but it is in power; my kingdom is not of this world; my kingdom is above every nation; my kingdom is above every people; my kingdom is above every culture. My kingdom reigns, my kingdom reigns over every culture, every people, every kindred, every nation. I walk in that kingdom, I brought that kingdom to you and in front of Pilate I had a good confession that my own people delivered me up because I would not walk in their ways, I would not do their ways, I would not walk after their tradition, but I only spoke what my Father spoke, I only did what my Father did and my own people delivered me up. You must be willing; you must be willing to lay down your tradition. You must be willing to lay down your tradition and only speak my words and only do my works, and only walk in my ways, and if you are willing, then I will raise you up and you will do exploits and I will use you to bring to me a people, a nation of mighty people that I can come back after. ”

    The ‘laying down of tradition’ in favor of adopting the ways of the “kingdom” is meant to appeal to any disaffected Cherokees that may somehow see the webcast or read Doyle’s facebook page. It’s hard to believe that there ARE any, but I guess it’s possible.

    Further, it suggests that the methods of “the Lord” (read Doyle Davidson) are superior to Cherokee traditions and culture. After all, Kathie assured viewers that it was Jesus Christ Himself speaking the words, not her. At Water of Life, Doyle = Jesus.

    This is actually a fairly crafty gambit by Doyle and his ex-wife. It demonstrates that, no matter how old and sick Doyle is, he is still capable of plotting and attempting to execute psychological manipulation. I think the effect will be negligible, but they are trying their best to capitalize on the death of Ms. Kingfisher. They have to do something, because the cash is drying up.

    I also have a Prophecy: If Doyle actually goes to Mrs. Kingfisher’s funeral and holds some sort of “service” in Oklahoma, he’ll claim that the death (in a car crash) of Mrs. Kingfisher was God’s way of bringing salvation to the Cherokees. He will portray her death as a miracle because it brought the Apostle (Who Never Asks for Money) to Oklahoma. That would be vile and disgusting, of course, but that’s our Doyle.

    Hey, what’s one more dead Indian, when Doyle himself has said, and I quote:

    “God killed thousands, millions of Indians in this country… smallpox, God knows what else so he could give it to our ancestors to preach this gospel.”


  • MOL CULT HQ  On July 12, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    After the FB post about expecting his new teeth to manifest at any time, Doyle followed up with this post:

    “I’ve never looked back.”
    Doyle Davidson


    HQ: As anyone who has followed Doyle’s statements and webcasts can tell you, ALL DOYLE HAS DONE IS ‘LOOK BACK’.

    Doyle is the most backward-focused (and self-obsessed) man you will EVER HEAR.

  • MOL CULT HQ  On July 12, 2017 at 11:03 pm


    The show began in the usual fashion. A visibly tired Doyle got through the rote opening and then announced they would be playing some of the most powerful musical recordings WOL CULT has. The usual recordings followed.

    It was at the end of the show where things got somewhat ‘interesting”.

    KSD remained silent throughout except to say, in response to Doyle’s query at the beginning, “How are you?”

    KSD said, as always, that she was “doing well”.

    It was at the end of the show that Doyle addressed “Gawd”.

    We’re going to paraphrase this—because we don’t want to take the trouble to transcribe his comments—-but we recommend you check out the video in his archive. Skip through the usual c**p and listen to about the last 6 or 7 minutes of the show.

    In his closing statement, Doyle demanded that “Gawd” follow through on the “promises” he supposedly made to Doyle. Doyle demanded that his eyesight be healed. He complained that he “remained suffering like a man long dead” while “Gawd” has refused to deal with his (Doyle’s) enemies. Doyle went on at some length telling “Gawd” what he sould do for him (Doyle).

    Doyle said he’d obeyed “Gawd” in everything “He” asked him to do and basically complained that it was not fair that “Gawd” had not followed through on what was promised to Doyle.

    We’ve written previously about how the time would come when Doyle’s ANGER ‘toward his enemies would SHIFT toward “Gawd”. Tonight’s closing comments were the closest we’ve seen Doyle get to that point.

    Doyle is obviously upset that he remains blind, weak and sick. He sounded as if he was now starting to BLAME “GAWD” for the predicament he’s in. Doyle is sick, blind, practically broke and has been AGAIN forced off television. His blood relatives have left the cult and he’s stuck with his “fruit”—-TB and KSD——both of whom are (and pardon our frankness about this) bat-s**t crazy. His bigger donors have deserted him and the results of his financial mismanagement—-whether he admits it or not—-is bearing down hard on him.

    Recently Doyle told his audience that he wanted some unidentified donor to write him a check for “BIG BUCKS”. Apparently, “Gawd” has not brought that to pass and Doyle is getting mightily steamed about “Gawd’s” failure to bring him out of the “darkness”.

    We’ve written much about Doyle’s delusions (and won’t repeat that here) except to say that Doyle confused the VOICE IN HIS HEAD with that of GOD. The “Voice” told Doyle WHAT HE WANTED TO HEAR. “The Voice” reinforced Doyle’s delusions of grandeur and his own feelings of self-righteousness.

    “The Voice” was itself a DELUSION and now Doyle is actually upset because his DELUSION cannot bring to pass what Doyle wants to happen.

    Given enough time, delusional people eventually run smack into the REALITY that just because you BELIEVE YOUR DELUSIONS DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE “REAL”. Tonight Doyle seemed depressed and upset over the fact that “The Voice In His Head” isn’t changing his REALITY.

    He might as well get used to it. There’s certainly more depression and anger to come as “Gawd” continues to ignore Doyle’s whining self pity.

    KSD remained silent throughout Doyle ‘conversation’ with “Gawd”. She’s not sharing what’s on her mind of late, BUT IT CAN’T BE GOOD.

  • Bob  On July 12, 2017 at 10:58 pm

    Wednesday Night Show – If I were a WOL’er, after tonight’s show I’d be hightailing it out of the cult shack and not looking back. A couple of days ago I posted that anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see would come to the conclusion that Doyle’s gawd has abandoned him. Tonight Doyle admitted that, and to make matters worse, he called-out gawd for not fulfilling his promises.

    Yep, any blue chair who follows and enables this charlatan after tonight has one foot in The Pit and the other on a banana peel. I suggest that they all beat a path to neighboring pastor Roy Frady’s door and ask him to help them out of the spiritual mess they’ve gotten themselves into by following and supporting a false prophet.

    The “good” part of tonight’s show came after the playing of the Terry Mai/Mai Girls old music videos.

    Doyle had a public conversation with gawd, with a smiling KSD looking on. Doyle reminded gawd that he only started following him because he had been promised that he would be set on high and delivered from trouble as spelled out in Psalm 91. Tonight Doyle told gawd that when he made this deal with him he was in the prime of his life, was at the top of his profession and greatly admired by his colleagues. Doyle then claimed that he followed through with his part of this bargain but gawd has not kept his commitment to him.

    Tonight he went through all of gawd’s broken promises, including long life. Even though he’s made it to the age of 85, he indicated to gawd that he is not happy because he is in great darkness and is persecuted by gawd’s people who smote him to the ground like a man long time dead. He chastised gawd for leaving him in this condition. He told gawd that he knows that in most cases he did NOT deal with Doyle’s enemies as promised. He accused gawd of doing NOTHING except to put him in more darkness and HE’S HAD ENOUGH!

    Continuing on, Doyle told gawd that he needs salvation to see and he needs to WALK OUT OF THIS MESS! He accused gawd of forgetting to keep his word to deal with him according to his faith and obedience (some may argue that gawd is dealing with Doyle exactly according to his faith and obedience).

    He reminded gawd that he walked away from his veterinary hospital 47 years ago and has followed him wholly and asked gawd if he has failed to obey his commandments?

    He directed gawd to speak and he will hear and do, but gawd didn’t say anything.

    Again Doyle mocked gawd about giving him a long life, but a long life being smitten down. He asked gawd, “Is that what you call a long life? Is that what you call salvation?” I guess at this point Doyle thought that gawd was sufficiently publicly humiliated so he said, “It’s time Lord, that you stand up and perform what you promised this servant, Doyle Davidson, apostle and prophet, and thank you.”

    If I were a WOL Cult member, I’d seriously be looking for the exit doors a.s.a.p.

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