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If you watched the Water of Life telecast / webcast and wondered,
“What is going on here?”, you are not alone.
For several years The Forum at has been dedicated to advancing ONE GOAL – to expose to the public the physical, mental, moral and spiritual decay that lives beneath the surface at Water Of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas.
The PUBLIC IMAGE of Doyle Davidson, his Ex-Wife Kathleen Davidson and Water of Life Ministry is NOT REAL. 
The shows seen on broadcast television and on webcasts are DECEPTIVE.
Although the shows attempt to present WOL as a Christian Church and Doyle and his Ex-Wife Kathleen as Christian ministers, that is simply NOT TRUE.  
Water of Life Ministry is a CULT.
This website was established to WARN people about the TOXIC NATURE OF
  DOYLE DAVIDSON, his associates and his organization.
The “COMMENTS” section of this blog is open to the public.
Readers’ comments are subject to moderation for appropriateness.
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  • Apostle Al, Your Athiest Pal  On July 25, 2017 at 10:20 am

    Because I have a conscience (unlike a certain Plano, Texas cult leader), I sometimes find myself wondering if I should feel sorry for Doyle, in any respect.

    About the only thing I can muster sympathy for is the fact that Doyle has profound personality/mental issues. They are no doubt products of his upbringing, and probably his genetics, so I hold him blameless in that regard.

    But Doyle is intelligent enough and old enough to understand that he has these problems, and he has chosen to do nothing about them. In fact, he has chosen to revel in his illness, employing it in his chosen “profession” of cult leader.

    I feel that Doyle exhibits a willful lack of introspection and self-correction, and for that he can be faulted. After all, he isn’t psychotic; he knows the difference between right and wrong. The problem is that he gets what he wants and needs from doing the wrong things. Doyle loves a cheap thrill, and there is no such thrill without the knowledge that what you’re doing is wrong.

    So, no, I don’t feel sorry for him.


  • MOL CULT HQ  On July 24, 2017 at 12:30 pm


    HQ comments on a Sunday Morning show in which KSD explains why it’s not a good thing for a child to have a high I/Q. We leave the reader to formulate his or her own opinion regarding whether KSD was a “gifted child”. A-ben.


    On Sunday morning, the threats were flying thick and fast as Doyle indicated that Gawd is now preparing to enter the punishment phase of his dealings with the bloggers and the “Big Three”—John, Bob and Jack.

    Doyle, at one point, said that it was entirely possible that Gawd would “open up the ground and swallow up” those who will be attending the (MOL CULT) “Spring Fling”.

    Hopefully, ‘live’ updates can be provided on the Forum while the Flinging is occurring so that geologic conditions in Plano can be monitored for the sudden development of ground faults. A tsunami warning has already been issued for areas surrounding Lake Lavon on the day of the Flinging. Inflatable inner tubes/flotation devices will be available for all party-goers, courtesy of MOL CULT and Broken Wheel Auto Salvage.

    But we digress.

    There was much ridicule (on the 2011 Sunday program) of the intellectual capacity of Doyle’s opposition and KSD, drawing on her expertise as a former elementary teacher turned Prophetess, provided an illuminating explanation of what it means to be a gifted child.

    KSD, in an extended testimony, said this (grammar and syntax as written are ACCURATE transcriptions of her words):

    “I was a certified gifted teacher. I could teach the gifted child, the highly intelligent child. The original– when they came out with these gifted programs we have in school—the original intent of these programs was you had these children who were so intelligent they could not live in society as we know it. They had to be taught how to have friends. They had to be taught how to act in public. They had to be taught how to intermingle and things like that. That’s what happened to the gifted programs was that they ended up as living display cases for the schools.”

    (Doyle: “What did they display?”)

    KSD: “The intelligent children that could put a puzzle together really fast.”

    (Doyle: “Oh, yeah. That’s great.”)

    KSD: “But that’s not what the program was set up for. You know, in education, if you’ll talk among teachers, the intellectual child, the one that’s considered gifted, they’re not the ones that’s the CEOs of the big corporations and your military generals and admirals. They’re not the ones that run our country. The people that run our country are the B and C students who can work and have tenacity and are stubbornly set on a goal. That’s not your intellectual student, Your high IQ child can’t do that. They’re not the ones that are successful. In fact if you look at the studies, the highly intelligent student isn’t successful…”

    In this show from 2011, KSD attempted to provide an “expert opinion” which reinforced Doyle’s recurring claim that education and intelligence isn’t important. With this kind of understanding about educational theory, the students in Plano are certainly better off now that she is in the Prophecy business. At least her ability to do damage is limited to the Wollers and is not inflicted on unsuspecting third graders who are gifted enough to solve puzzles.

    Doyle’s voice dripped with sarcasm as he ridiculed Jack, Bob, John and the bloggers for being “pseudo-intellectual”. Apparently to Doyle, a ‘pseudo-intellectual’ is anyone who can think rationally and comes to the conclusion that Doyle is full of ****.

    We were particularly amused when he told of how he had taught in the past that there was no such thing as GRAVITY; that it was the “Power of Gawd”. Skeptics were invited to “SHUT UP!”


    It has LONG been known that there is no direct, CONSISTENT correlation between IQ (how giftedness is usually measured) and “success in life”–however one defines or measures that.

    What IQ tests measure is POTENTIAL and “gifted” children are those who INTELLIGENT educators determine early on as having that POTENTIAL.

    OBVIOUSLY, not everyone lives up to their “potential”.

    But one thing is absolutely certain: as a GROUP, students who exhibit LOW IQs are MUCH MORE LIKELY to be LESS SUCCESSFUL than those students (as a group) with higher IQs. And you can check the “studies” on that.

    [HQ in the Here-And-Now: We believe what KSD refers to as “gifted” are actually students with significant learning disabilities: inability to interact and relate to peers, ADHD, behavioral issues and mental limitations that may well place them somewhere on the autism spectrum. Such children may well require “special education” by educators specifically educated to provide that—-KSD, we suggest, is not and was not, one of those.]


    It is a GOOD THING to be a “gifted student” or one with a ‘high IQ”.

    That’s a whole lot better than being in the “Slow Class”—you know, the ones where they REALLY have to teach the students how to act in public, how to get along with others, how to “INTER-MINGLE” and how to work puzzles.

    We’ve heard this kind of teaching from Doyle before. Higher education is not good. It makes you get puffed-up. You start to believe that you can think for yourself. You might start thinking you don’t need Doyle to tell you what to think or do or believe. For crying out loud, you might even start to think that Doyle doesn’t speak for God. That’s where higher education will lead a Woller—straight down the road to perdition. You might end up like…..well, Jack or Bob or John or GAWD FORBID, a pseudo-intellectual blogger.

    Look. If your IQ is in the above average range—-if you are or were a “gifted” student— it does not guarantee you a life of ease.

    Your IQ score is only a number. It does not define you. It does not really limit you. It’s just a starting point.

    Remember that many other qualities you already possess or can develop are also important for success in life.

    DO NOT HEED those who laugh and ridicule education.

    Those who tell you not to make the most of your God-Given POTENTIAL do not have your best interests at heart.

    They want you to stay dull and ignorant.

    Because if you stay dull and ignorant, you will be more easily controlled.


    WOL CULT: Where the best children are stubborn C & D students.

  • MOL CULT HQ  On July 24, 2017 at 12:28 pm


    Doyle struggled to get through the rote opening and had to have some help fro KSD to do so. Doyle was so lost that he eliminated KSD’s regular reading (about “how to hold a Christian service”) and went straight to the music.

    [KSD is “doing well”. Thanks for asking.]

    Doyle ended the show with his “The Lawd is mah helpah” chant which is CLEARLY INTENDED to remind the Lawd Gawd to get in gear and do those things for Doyle that Doyle was ‘promised’.

    There was NO UPDATE as to how the search for property in Hebron is going. Nor is there likely to be.

    The announcement that he wanted to purchase land in Hebron and open up a ‘ministry’ there was just Doyle running off at the mouth and catching KSD by surprise.

    According to “Google”, the median price of an ‘average’ house in Hebron is just north of $250,000 and although the cost of living in Hebron is about 24% lower than in the United States (aggregate data for all cities), it seems unlikely that the WOL congregation is in such financial tall cotton that they can afford to purchase property there and maintain some sort of ‘ministry’.

    Readers will recall that not too long ago Doyle was hot to purchase the old home place back in Sarcoxie. TB even drove him back to Sarcoxie where he met with the current owners. They listened to Doyle rattle on about his plans for the place and were gracious when WOL insiders informed them that Doyle’s “plans” were just the rambling fantasies of a demented old man and that WOL was NOT going to purchase that property.

    The establishment of WOL CULT, International with WORLD HEADQUARTERS in Sarcoxie, Missouri promptly dropped not just from the radar but apparently from Doyle’s memory as well.

    Doyle’s “Ministry To the Starving Zimbabweans” started off with much hoopla and appears to have met the same fate.

    Doyle recently announced that he intended to resurrect his “Ministry To The Indians of Oklahoma” and plans to travel there to hold a meeting, if Gawd wills it. There’s been no further information about THAT either.

    WOL has become a JOKE. They just humor the crazy old goat, knowing full well that nothing will come of his grand schemes and dreams.

    When Doyle ‘demonstrated’ his strength this past weekend by STANDING UP out of his chair, that tells you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the state of WOL CULT.

  • Apostle Al, Your Athiest Pal  On July 24, 2017 at 8:15 am

    Note to Kathie Small Davidson: When Doyle surprises you during a webcast with another delusional scheme, your job is NOT to reply with a sarcastic-sounding, “O-kaaay”, like you did last Sunday evening when Doyle announced his intention to buy properties in Hebron, Palestine — which he thinks is in Israel.

    Your public reply to such things should always be a solemn, “So let it be written. So let it be done.” After the webcast is over, you and the “commissioners” can get together and figure out how to handle the crazy old bastard.


  • MOL CULT HQ  On July 23, 2017 at 9:37 pm

    The “announcement” that Doyle is ‘exploring’ the possibility of purchasing property in Hebron for some kind of half-baked “WOL Palestine” is another FANTASY from the fevered mind of Apostle Doyle.

    MOL CULT PROPHECY: This will NOT happen.

    Antknee Reece is actually lucky that Doyle has designated Kaspareit and Apostle Paul to determine the feasibility of purchasing property there. Should those two dweebs actually GO there, they will be EATEN ALIVE.

    For some insight into what the situation in Hebron is, here’s a link:

  • Bob  On July 23, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Once again it seems that Anthony Reece was passed over for any position with responsibility at WOL by not being appointed to this committee to explore property purchases in Israel. You have to feel sorry for this guy. When he was brought to Plano several years ago he was told that he would have his own wingback chair on-stage with Doyle and KSD, and that they would be known as the “WOL Three”. But apparently once he got there Doyle decided that he wasn’t qualified to be a prominent team member to be seen by the public.

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