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For several years, The Forum at had one goal – to expose to the public the physical, mental, moral and spiritual decay that lives beneath the surface at Water Of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas.

This website was established to WARN people about the TOXIC NATURE OF
DOYLE DAVIDSON, his associates and his organization.




For several years, The Forum at had one goal – to expose to the public the physical, mental, moral and spiritual decay that lives beneath the surface at Water Of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas.

This website was established to WARN people about the TOXIC NATURE OF
DOYLE DAVIDSON, his associates and his organization.
Doyle Davidson prospered as long as he did simply because people did not know the TRUTH about what was going on at WOL, INC. When the TRUTH became widely known about Doyle, his mental state, behaviors and abusive practices, it was the beginning of the END for WOL CULT.
The collapse of WOL CULT did not result from the efforts of this blog. Doyle Davidson effectively killed his own “ministry” because he could not be ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT HE IS.
WOL CULT is NOT the “Christian Ministry” Doyle and his Inner Circle claim it to be.
The story of Doyle and the supporting cast of characters in this cult is a long and convoluted one. It is important for people to know that the ‘story’ of WOL and Doyle —-as told by Doyle and his followers —–is riddled with misleading statements and, often, outright lies.
The Forum has challenged those lies and informed readers of the REAL TRUTHS behind the deceptive image Doyle and his crew TRIED to foist on an audience who were not familiar with Doyle Davidson or the history of WOL CULT.
Much of what is written on this blog consists of DOYLE’S OWN STATEMENTS which are contrasted with KNOWN FACTS that illustrate the DIFFERENCES between the fantasy and of those who gave money to Doyle over the years have left the cult. Those who remain have been unable to financially sustain his grandiose dreams and schemes. The television broadcasts failed to capture more followers / ‘givers’. Those who watched his shows know WHY.
Every time—-EVERY TIME—-Doyle and his followers tried to mount a media effort to ‘grow the cult’, it FAILED. To any objective observer, the REASONS were obvious. There is a saying that the definition of ‘insanity’ is “doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results”. That saying is a Living Description of the way Doyle operates.
The Forum bloggers did not have to try to ‘destroy’ Doyle and his CULT.
Doyle did it himself.
Enjoy the entertainment while you can because BASED ON THE OBSERVED RATE OF DECLINE of the “Apostle”—both physically and mentally—-a complete meltdown cannot be far off.
The damage Doyle has done is largely in the past. The general television audience rejected the insanity that is WOL CULT. Today, that insanity is only being inflicted on a very small group of followers who appear to be—in their own ways—just as damaged as Doyle is.
Nothing can be done to help—or save—those people. What will be, will be.the reality of what WOL is and what kind of person Doyle Davidson really is.





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  • Bob  On January 17, 2018 at 10:03 pm

    Wednesday Night KSD “Sermon”

    KSD gave a little history lesson on early American history to the blue chairs. First she established her credentials as a student of history, plus being a descendant of white folks who massacred indians and were in turn massacred by indians. But she made sure that we knew that before the white man came to these shores, the indians killed each other for land. She did not balance that out by stating that in Europe white men also killed each other in wars.

    For her reference, instead of using ‘The Oxford History Of The United States’ she referred to the movie ‘The Last Of The Mohicans’ as her source, saying that the scene that is most vivid to her is (what else) the torture scene (why are we not surprised?). In this scene, a British major volunteers himself to be burned at the stake in place of one of the women prisoners, Cora. KSD told of how you heard the torture, with him screaming in pain while he was burning, before Hawkeye shot him (picture KSD, eyes opened wide, shoving popcorn into her mouth as this is happening). She did admit that this was a “fictition” story (I think she meant fictitious).

    She taught the blue chairs that they are all Coras, in the sense that Jeeze also sacrificed himself for them, beaten in the face by a “whole Roman regiment” (that would actually be a legion made up of about 5,000 men, so that was quite a face beating). Naturally we also got to hear how his back was torn open by a Roman whip containing rocks and metal, and that when he was crucified every bone in his body was out of joint. She usually tells how Jeeze was completely naked but tonight she left that part out.

    Oh, she screwed up her history lesson with some false information. When she was telling how the British major was negotiating with the Huron chief, she said that he understood (and spoke) the tribal language. False. The Huron chief and the British major communicated in French, which the Huron learned from fur trading with the French and also from French Catholic missionaries.


    HQ: In fairness to KSD, she knows as much about Christian theology as she does history.

    When she decided to “go into the ministry”, the real winners were the elementary school students that she was ‘teaching’.

  • boydmiller  On January 17, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Actually HQ, throwing you money out your car window would have a more positive affect than giving it to little doylie.
    1. Some truly needy person might find it.
    2. You would not be guilty of supporting a fraud.
    3. No one would belittle you if you didn’t do it again.


    HQ: Excellent points.

  • MOL CULT HQ  On January 17, 2018 at 4:11 pm


    J.P. Morgan, the financier and big cheese behind the company that is now JPMorgan-Chase, was once asked what the stock market will do.

    He replied: “It will fluctuate.”

    Right NOW it is fluctuating UP. History shows that on an average of four times a year, there will be a ‘pull-back’ in stock values. “Pull-back” is the financial jibber-jabber terminology for “drop”—-which would be a “fluctuation” DOWN.

    Predicting the market is like reading tea leaves or interpreting biblical ‘prophecy’. Sometimes you get it right; sometimes you don’t.

    BUT—if the Wollers who handed all that money to Doyle—-the money he used to buy two Cadillacs (whose value DEPRECIATES OVER TIME)——–they would have MADE MONEY which could then be used to help them live more comfortably OR could have been donated to an ACTUAL CHARITY THAT DOES SOME GOOD IN THIS WORLD. .

    BRO is riding around in a Cadillac some poor sucker paid for. That sucker not only lost his money, he lost the GAINS that would have been made if he had invested it in a simply Index Fund. Meanwhile the Caddy continues to lose value.

    Here’s a MOL CULT TRUTH: Handing Doyle your money OR just throwing it out into the street will result in the same outcome for you personally. It will just be GONE.

    And you will NOT be ‘rewarded’—-by “Gawd” or anyone else—- for your offerings to Doyle. You won’t even be THANKED.

  • Apostle Al, Your Atheist Pal  On January 17, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    1/17/18: I half-watched some of today’s live webcast. As times goes on, it’s becoming clear that Bryan “Bro” Bonner adds essentially nothing to the proceedings. He occasionally kisses Doyle’s ass and tells the Wollers to behave,
    but the rest of the time he just chuckles and acts cute.

    If Doyle could actually see and hear what’s going on, I think Bonner would already be toast.



    HQ: We’d agree. Any thought that BRO would drive in from California and somehow ‘save’ this cult from extinction seems to have been rather optimistic. If this had transpired back when Doyle could HEAR what was happening and see what BRO was adding to the proceedings, he’d be gone in a Hollywood Minute.

  • MOL CULT HQ  On January 17, 2018 at 1:16 pm


    We’re not going to take the time or make the effort to discuss—in minute detail—-Doyle’s “teaching” today except to say that , if you listen to his “sermon”, you will be subjected to some of the most convoluted bafflegab you’ve probably ever heard.

    Ostensibly ‘teaching’ about baptism, Doyle circled around in his head until he finally reached his main point: if you’ve been baptized (in water), you cannot sin.

    Actual CHRISTIAN Doctrine says nothing of the sort.

    Though some form of immersion was likely the most common method of baptism, many of the writings from the ancient church appeared to view the mode of baptism as inconsequential. The Didache 7.1–3 (AD 60–150) allowed for affusion practices in situations where immersion was not practical. Likewise, Tertullian (AD 196–212) allowed for varying approaches to baptism even if those practices did not conform to biblical or traditional mandates (cf. De corona militis 3; De baptismo 17). Finally, Cyprian (ca. AD 256) explicitly stated that the amount of water was inconsequential and defended immersion, affusion, and aspersion practices (Epistle 75.12).

    As a result, there was no uniform or consistent mode of baptism in the ancient church prior to the fourth century.

    Here’s an ‘interesting’ HISTORICAL tidbit—-

    Baptism is considered to be a form of rebirth—”by water and the Spirit” (John 3:5)—the nakedness of baptism (the second birth) paralleled the condition of one’s original birth.

    Until the Middle Ages, most baptisms were performed with the candidates naked—as is evidenced by most of the early portrayals of baptism. Deaconesses helped female candidates for reasons of modesty.

    The removal of clothing represented the “image of putting off the old man with his deeds” , so the stripping of the body before baptism represented taking off the trappings of sinful self, so that the “new man”, which is given by Jesus, can be put on. Those who presented for baptism were stripped naked and covered with oil, then led to a pool of water for complete submersion. That IS how it was done and that did not change until the MIDDLE AGES.

    Changing customs and concerns regarding modesty probably contributed to the practice of permitting or requiring the baptismal candidate to either retain their undergarments (as in many Renaissance paintings of baptism such as those by da Vinci, Tintoretto, Van Scorel, Masaccio, de Wit and others) and/or to wear, as is almost universally the practice today, baptismal robes. These robes are most often white, symbolizing purity. Some groups today allow any suitable clothes to be worn, such as trousers and a T-shirt—practical considerations include how easily the clothes will dry (denim is discouraged), and whether they will become see-through when wet.


    As interesting as the history of baptism is, what seems clear is that it was intended—-regardless of the ‘technicalities’ of how it was performed—-as symbolizing a “re-birth of the individual into the Christian Faith, into—as it were—Jesus.

    It should be apparent to anyone still conscious that the ACT OF BAPTISM simply does not render a person incapable of sin—as Doyle taught today. It didn’t render DOYLE incapable of sin and he laughingly admitted as much at one point in the show.

    Doyle also claimed that the act of being baptized removed all desire and covetousness from a person. Again this is NONSENSE and nowhere other than at WOL can this truly ignorant claim be found.


    We suggest the answer is two-fold.

    First, it is entirely consistent with his own Narcissistic Personality Disorder (his MENTAL ILLNESS). Doyle views himself —and his HOLINESS—-as being on a par with the Apostle Paul, possibly on a par with Jesus Christ and only slightly less than “Gawd” Himself. By claiming that he is no longer able to “sin”, “covet” or have any ‘unseemly desire’, Doyle announces himself as a truly superior being.

    Now it’s true that Doyle isn’t subjected to “sexual desires” anymore, but he certainly HAD SUCH DESIRES after he was baptized in that motel swimming pool back in the 70’s. His extramarital affair with Lisa is a testimony to the presence of THOSE DESIRES. So for Doyle to claim otherwise is just simply…..bull****.

    But as important as it is for Doyle to maintain the delusion of his own “holiness” and “perfection”, there is another reason he perpetuates this fantasy.

    The Second reason
    Doyle teaches this to the Wollers is to teach the Wollers that THEY CANNOT “SIN”. However to obtain this “Get Out Of Hell Free Card”, CERTAIN RULES APPLY. They MUST totally submit to Doyle and his ‘rules’. (And you wicked people know what those are.)

    On the surface it would seem that Doyle’s claim that the Wollers who have been baptized cannot “sin” would contradict Doyle’s regular teaching that the Wollers are the most nasty of sinners. Doyle routinely lambastes them for their “sins”—usually their sexual sins which include the “oral” practices of licking, sucking and gobbling of the external genitalia as well as the perianal region. Even worse than performing these acts on another person is the act of performing them with another person SIMULTANEOUSLY. “69“ is the worst of the sexual sins, according to the Apostle.

    The Wollers, Doyle knows “in the spirit”, regularly engage in these activities with all the intensity and lust of a Tokyo prostitute.

    So CLEARLY, the fact that the Wollers HAVE BEEN BAPTIZED has not prevented them from “sinning” (by Doyle’s standards of what constitutes ‘sin’).

    There’s a HUGE CONTRADICTION right there.

    WHY Doyle teaches these contradictory ‘positions’ can be seen and understood if you understand how this CULT operates.

    Doyle is attempting to exert ultimate and complete CONTROL over his followers. And he wants them to know—TO KNOW—that THEY NEED HIM if they are to avoid the fires of Hell. We know what Doyle teaches is CONTRADICTORY because WHY ELSE would he rattle on and on about the “need to move to PERFECTION”? If baptism renders one incapable of ‘sin’, isn’t that functionally ‘perfection’?

    Doyle’s “Theology” will reference the Name of Jesus, but it has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT JESUS CHRIST TAUGHT.

    Christian baptism isn’t the END STATE of the Christian and it does NOT CONVEY A STATE OF “PERFECTION”.

    It is the symbolic BEGINNING—-not the END—– of one’s ‘walk with Jesus’.

  • MOL CULT HQ  On January 17, 2018 at 9:11 am


    “I DIDN’T DIE”

    Doyle’s often-repeated rejoinder to his ‘enemies’ that “I didn’t die” is INTENDED to be a kind of Victory Statement. He intends it to show that he is …..”winning”, that he is still as strong and capable as he ever was. The “I Didn’t Die” statements are—AGAIN—-examples of how Doyle uses semantic tricks to conceal the truth.

    Doyle—-paranoiac that he is—-believes that people want to kill him. There has never been ANY EVIDENCE presented that this is true. Certainly none of the hated ‘bloggers’ —on ANY of the sites that wrote about Doylism—EVER expressed a desire to “kill him”.

    What LISA did—that one time during one of their FIGHTS—–was to point out—-accurately, we would maintain—-that Doyle WOULD EVENTUALLY DIE. While we were not present to observe what was said during that fight / argument, it certainly seems plausible that she would indeed SAY something like that.

    MOL CULT PRINCIPLE: The truth is that there is a VAST DIFFERENCE between saying that a person “is going to die” and saying that “I’m going to kill him”.

    Doyle IS going to die. We are ALL going to die. Anyone who believes they are….IMMORTAL… delusional and someday that delusion will be proven wrong.

    On one level Doyle knows that saying that he’s “not going to die” is—on it’s face—absurd, even CRAZY. But it’s one of those statements he likes to use to “shock people”. So he WEASELS around the insanity by claiming that , when the Judgment comes, “Jeez” will return in the air and Doyle will meet him there. This will happen during Doyle’s LIFETIME.

    For Doyle’s statement that he “won’t die” to be TRUE, that is what HAS TO HAPPEN.

    The problem is that ‘prophecies’ about the DATE SPECIFIC return—or even ‘ballpark predictions’—- of Jesus have been consistently and glaringly WRONG.

    For about 2,000 years there have been Christians who—–in their eagerness to end their travails in THIS world and GET ON to the next world of everlasting bliss—–have claimed that the Return of Jesus is IMMINENT OR JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Belief in the Second Coming was popularized in the US in the late nineteenth century by the evangelist Dwight L. Moody and the premillennial interpretation became one of the core components of Christian fundamentalism in the 1920s. Doyle was born into—and marinated in—-this kind of teaching.

    If you gentle readers want to have an interesting time careening around the Internet, Google “the return of Jesus”. Everyone, it seems, has an OPINION, but no one has any ANSWERS. We’d suggest the possibility that the REASON for this is because the Scriptures upon which such predictions (prophecies) regarding a DATE SPECIFIC are based are SO VAGUE and NONSPECIFIC. You’ll read enough inferences, interpretations, guesses, semantic trickery and wishful thinking to last you until…..well, until Jesus returns.

    The sharp-eyed reader will however be able to spot this little problem for Woller Theology. While Doyle firmly believes his own life and presence is absolutely critical to the story of mankind and “Gawd’s Grand Plan” , we’d suggest that Doyle’s central position in history is actually related to his Grandiose Narcissism. There has been A LOT written about the “return of Jesus” and NONE OF IT mentions that Jesus will be met in the air by Apostle & Prophet Doyle E. Davidson of Plano, Texas.

    What is “interesting” about Doyle’s assertions that “Jeez is in Plano” is that it actually contradicts his assertion that he will meet Jeez “in the air” as Jeez DESCENDS from His Heavenly Throne. Taken LITERALLY, Doyle is positing that Jeez WAS in Heaven, but CAME DOWN and has recently arrived in Plano (bringing Doyle’s long-awaited healing AND recompense (punishment) to Doyle’s hated enemies). For Doyle to “meet him in the air”, Jeez will obviously have to get airborne AGAIN and DESCEND AGAIN. But Doyle recently told the Wollers that Jeez “wasn’t going to make TWO trips”.

    It’s no wonder that the Wollers can’t tell their left foot from their right.

    That absurd scenario is typical of the ‘intellectual gymnastics’ that the Wollers have to perform if they are to accept Doyle’s crackpot teachings. AND, that is—-we suggest—-WHY the Blue Chairs sit there in their seats with the dull, uncomprehending stare of a cat looking out at the world through the door of a cat carrier. They DO NOT STOP AND THINK about what Doyle is telling them. They ALSO do not stop and think about WHY Doyle TELLS them to NOT STOP AND THINK.

    For wicked pseudo-intellectuals, Doyle’s statements that “I didn’t die” is tautological. Obviously, a LIVING person “didn’t die”. But that doesn’t mean that person WON’T —at some point—DIE. Doyle says these things intending for the Wollers to draw the conclusion that because he HASN’T DIED YET, HE NEVER WILL. What APPEARS to be a profound statement, is actually nonsensical.

    Not only does saying this serve to bolster his own inflated opinion of himself, it is another way of telling his followers to hand over their money. If —-and this appears to be Woller “doctrine”—–the return of Jeez is inextricably tied to Doyle’s physical survival, then based solely on Doyle’s observable physical decline —- “Jeez” return could happen at any moment. So what do you need your money for?

    Doyle needs it so he can “preach the Gawspel”.

    Actually he needs it because they are still need another Cadillac for the WOL CULT FLEET.

    WOL is a cult. To the outsider looking at its premises, it makes NO SENSE. But in Doyle’s HEAD, his teachings are “consistent” and when ‘teachings’ are put forward that DO NOT SQUARE with ‘reality’, the inconsistencies are simply ignored because—–


    “I Won’t Die” is a catch-phrase that carries a LOT of meaning at WOL, but the one thing that it DOES NOT MEAN is that he won’t actually die.

  • Actually from LA  On January 17, 2018 at 8:23 am

    And here I thought Doyle forgot all about us ❤

    I remember when he first started attacking the "wicked bloggers". He planted those seeds of doubt from the start.

  • Apostle Al, Your Atheist Pal  On January 16, 2018 at 11:29 pm

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