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This Forum Will Enlighten You To Some Bizarre behavior and things Doyle Davidson has said and done to his sheep that he is the mouthpiece to God for them??….but scripture says:1Timothy 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus not Doyle Davidson as he tells all his blind sheep!!;

WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUM OF EXPOSE D(oyle) D(avidson) Due to heavy volume, we archived the old comments and have started the new Forum so that it will load more rapidly. If you are new to this Forum, please feel free to go to the Old Forum #1 and see some of the REAL history of Doyle Davidson, the Water of Life Cult and what he has done to many of his followers.

The Doyle Davidson you see these days is NOT the Doyle Davidson of even just a few years ago. To see him as he currently exists would make any reasonable person ask: “How is this man—or his few remaining followers—-a threat to anything?” Doyle’s declining physical and mental health has turned Water of Life into a laughingstock of a ‘ministry’.  But that was not always the case. The self-appointed Apostle and Leader of the Water of Life Cult was once heard on radio, and seen on television. His television persona was carefully designed to conceal what those who saw him up close and in person knew: Doyle was NOT what he claimed to be: a self taught “Apostle” called by God to preach a Gospel that had ELUDED everyone but him.

Doyle’s excesses, including the ones which got him removed from the public airwaves, have been discussed in detail on this website and the WHOLE STORY is one that will leaving you shaking your head in disbelief and incredulity. HOW could this happen in America? How could otherwise intelligent people become so deluded that they would see this man as one they could look to for spiritual leadership?

It is important to know that, even at this juncture, Doyle may be down, but he is not quite OUT. He still maintains a presence on the Internet with his webcasts from Plano. He has had to cut back his workload of late for a variety of reasons but he continues to dominate Water Of Life Cult (and those who follow him) with an iron fist.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant and those who founded and support this website intended it to expose to the public the physical, mental, moral and spiritual decay that lives beneath the surface at WOL. Forewarned is forearmed.   Doyle’s lies are exposed here in excruciating detail.

Doyle lied when he said that he would never take Social Security benefits?

Doyle lied when he said he would be providing some kind of health care plan for the WOL’ers.

He lied when he announced the 48-state prayer tour for the WOL Boys.

He lied when he announced a return trip to Israel with his entourage.

He lied when he announced that Gawd sent him to minister to the Indians.

He lied when he announced that Gawd sent him to minister to the Mayflower Descendants.

He lied when he announced that his ancestors came here on the Mayflower.

He lied when “prophesied” that John McCain would be elected President.

He lied making repeated claims that Gawd would restore his decayed teeth and failed eyesight.

He lied about the nature of his adultery with Lisa.

He lied about the details of his arrest and incarceration for public intoxication and the assault and battery his committed when he wentr to the Staton residence and drunkenly choked Lisa.

He lied with his claims that “Baby John Davidson” will be born.

He lied about his role in the Dena Schlosser trial.

He lied about his role in forming Dena Schlosser’s belief that her anti-psychotic medications were ‘witchcraft’—a belief that yielded horrific results.

He lied about how he has raised money for his ‘ministry’.

And you know what scripture says about all the false lies this so-called prophet is saying:

Deuteronomy 18:22

When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

Does WOL stand for Water of Life OR World Of Lies?

Apart from Exposing Doyle Davidson for what he really is, This forum provides a place where Former members of this cult can share their feelings and experiences and come to know that THEY ARE NOT ALONE as they sort through the carnage that following Doyle Davidson has wreaked in their lives.

Considerable emphasis is placed on explaining not only WHAT is going on at WOL, but WHY and HOW it has been able to persist. Although TROLLS will not be tolerated, ALL posts—from casual observers to Ex-Wollers to current Wollers— are welcomed and encouraged.

Talking Bull

Talking Bull

It’s not photoshopped. It was briefly posted on Doyle’s FB page after a trip to Joplin.

Heh-heh. We saved it.

Where There Are Two Liars….

You can almost find many more following them….

 I Tim 3:2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Talk about going against God’s word altogether.  This man carried out a secret 17 year affair with another man’s wife while her husband was working for Doyle Davidson at the church.

*Doyle’s legal and only wife #1 (Patti) ends up dying the last year of their or affair.

*Doyle’s mistress (Lisa) #2, whom he claims Gawd gave to him, decides she no longer wants in the relationship with Doyle anymore and has returned to her husband and children.

*Doyle does not take Lisa’s desire to leave him very well, so he goes to her house pounding on the door, but she refuses to let him in…Lisa’s husband comes home to find Doyle banging on the door and let’s him in, not knowing what was happening….Doyle hurriedly goes upstairs where Lisa is and starts choking her…..the police is called.

*Doyle spends a night in jail drunk , from this point on Lisa and her husband have gone to some of the Apostles the next day and tells them their side of the story, little or nothing was even considered because what can you say to the person who owns the building and has no accountability to anyone? Doyle has already told them both they were fired and Lisa and J.R. move from their home and go into hiding because Doyle wants them dead and pronounces that every single day on live TV…!  Doyle begins his stalking and gradually starts loosing his mind.

*After more of his sheep leave his church yet again, Doyle becomes the victim of an adulterous lover who has been dumped……….he is now constantly screaming to his congregation that “GAWD GAVE HIM LISA AND LISA IS A SLUT….AND asks the congregation “HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF GAWD GAVE YOU A SLUT FOR A WIFE”!

*  Well from that point on for several years, he threw his tantrums and he had everyone throw away his tapes and books and never preached the real gospel ever again, we suspect he never did to begin with, but it was all a great big CON GAME!!!

For years afterwards, he preached the gospel, but it was the gospel of Lisa……..for years to come he harped and harped and screamed, threw tantrums and literally was throwing fits cause Lisa would not come home.  He buys tickets to Israel and pronounces that she will be going with him, when in fact he has not spoken or had any communication from her? of course  she doesn’t show up.

He prophesies that a baby will be born and Lisa will be the mother and the baby who is to be named “John” will be conceived in California, the trip and the baby never happen.

*Doyle invites a lady from Colorado to his home after finding out she had a large debt and offers to pay them all for her.  Nothing was ever stated whether he offered her the same $1,000 a week he offers all his other women he wants to marry?  So we’ll leave that alone for a minute.  However, Kathy Currier ended up being a witness while she was in Plano for him while he stalked Lisa and her husband on the parking lot of a short-term hotel they were hiding out in.

The police were summoned and Doyle talks to the police saying he was there to take his waf home and the police talk to JR and Lisa and they say Doyle is crazy and is stalking them and he won’t leave them alone and they also tell the police that Lisa is not his waf and never was!

The policemen take pictures of Doyle and notify him that if they catch him there again, he will go to jail.  Doyle leaves with his tail between his legs and looses yet another battle.

*He prophesies that Gawd told him John McCain will be the next President.  More sheep left after that prophecy did not come true.  Over the next few years, he continually prophesies different things he says Gawd told him and none of them came true.  Still the remaining blinded sheep sit there sipping with a straw every ounce of lies he spews out of his toothless mouth…

*Speaking of his mouth…for years and years even before he announced his affair with Lisa, he said Gawd was going to give Doyle new teeth, then it was new eyes, then it was new hearing.  None of the above has ever happened in the meantime, his hearing and body have begun to fail him more and more each day.  Another False Prophesy.

*Speaking of LIES, as the years linger and Doyle looses more sheep, he decides finally that Lisa is not coming home and he is tired of being by himself and needs a maid to live with him, so for a while he has by his own admission,  ladies coming and going… If some of you remember, he had announced at one time some chick was going to talk on stage and he even told us where he met her….(Cheddars).  Anyway, soon after that I think his inner circle decided to step in and tell him he can’t be having all his lady friends  involved with trying to preach the gawspel…no more word on her after that.  The signs of meltdown are evident and coming faster and faster….

*So after the ladies leave running I presume, he becomes lonely again and he starts screaming at what’s left of the sheep..and lo and behold, he announces after secretly having another affair behind the sheeps backs that his GAWD gave him another wife and yes she is married to another man that has been going to Doyle’s church for 20+ years, but that has nothing to do with what GAWD wants Doyle to do cause if some of you remember Doyle specifically said something about even if  “Jesus told him to do something”  he would NOT do it.  Obviously….?

So, the school teacher Kathie So Small #3  shacks up with Doyle.  This is the best thing that has happened to her in a long time so she thinks….

The husband of this school teacher is devastated and has to leave the church.  From that point on Doyle tells every little sexual act that Kathie  and her husband ever happened to the blinded sheep who were all so eager to have something to go home with, even if it is the gospel of porno……  Can you picture the conversations Doyle and Kathie  must have……Doyle fishing from Kathie every little sex detail that she had with her husband whom she had been married to for over 20 years…….now why would any healthy man want to hear about another man’s sex life?  There is nothing that can defile a marriage bed?  Why would Kathie take it upon herself to think or claim what they were doing in bed was wicked?

*During this time a number of events took place,  Kathie Small, Doyle’s live-in looses her job when the school she teaches at finds out she is involved in a cult and has just shacked up with the preacher of her church with her young children and left her husband and older children behind, so they fire her.

Kahie decides this is a sign from Gawd to confirm that she should be Doyle’s waf and calls herself a preacher.

*Then during this period something else is happening behind the scenes, Doyle’s daughter’s husband Terry Mai who is the music director of the church is dying and Doyle has convinced him not to take the needed chemo to get well.  So Terry dies and Doyle helps kill yet another person in his congregation, according to Doyle, Terry needed chemo…but advised Terry not to take it…

*Since then his eye sight is almost gone, but says Gawd will restore them…he is almost blind and has to have his eye seeing waf drive and take him everywhere.  His teeth are all but gone, but his Gawd will restore them too…

His mind is so bad he can’t even remember the opening prayer he has said for years and years, so now all he does is threaten the bloggers on this site and others about how his GAWD is going to kill us?

Is it possibly the beginning of the ending to all the lies upon lies that Doyle was feeding everyone and they finally said “NO MORE”? YES….ding, ding, ding!

Every reason someone leaves was set by an action or statement that Doyle made which hurt the sheep, so to recover and heal, they must leave…..it’s that simple…because God, the true GOD does not lie!

OK so here we are folks at the tail end of Doyle’s life and the sucker keeps going like one of those enegerizer bunnies…  He is broke and claimed at one time that he had to pay his staff by credit card, he has been taken off of TV, in his own words, he stated that the TV station claimed other preachers on the same station did not want to be on the same station as Doyle and they were bigger and had more money than Doyle.

He can’t keep many people in his congregation for much longer…even the diehards will someday be delivered….that’s my prayer….and so far all my prayers are coming true!


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